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AC/MC Connectors
Mfg: Bridgeport Fittings Published: 2008 Version: 5000 BP070 8 pages
... line so easy to use. Large Feeder Cable Fittings Bridgeport’s AC/MC Connectors are the industry’s finest choice for connecting large ... From duplex snap-ins and single and double screw connectors to anti-short bushings and stronger straps ... Suggested Fittings for Non-PVC Jacketed MC Cable Add to My Library
DataShark Tools.Testers.Connectors.Accessories
Mfg: Paladin Tools Published: 2008 Version: PI00044 12 pages
Spring-loaded Adjust blade cutting depth for network cable with simple thumb screw ... Crimp tools terminate connectors onto cable to make custom-length cords. ... Crimps RG6 & RG6 Quad shield cable TV “F” hex-crimp connectors ... Cable TV Tool Kit with Hex Crimp-Style Connectors Add to My Library
HD Sealed Connector Series
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2008 Version: 1654282-1 56 pages
Heavy Duty Sealed Connector Series (HDSCS) for the Commercial Vehicles Industry ... RoHS ... is not securely held Insulation is over crimped Incorrect crimp height adjustment Crimp height too loose Insufficient deformation, ... WIRE CRIMP Crimp height measurement Crimp heights and tolerances Add to My Library
ACA-B Reverse Bayonet Coupling Connectors
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2008 Version: 12-027-1 56 pages
The Industrial Connector for Factory Automation, Robotics, ... Amphenol® ACA-B Reverse Bayonet Coupling Connectors ... *Crimp contacts accommodate wire the same size as the contact as well as wire of the ... alter-ing the use of more than one connector of the same size nate insert rotations ... Add to My Library
STB Connector System
Mfg: Molex Published: 2008 Version: 987650-1621 8 pages
2.00mm wire-to-board locking type connectors, standard I/O connectors, combination I/O connectors, custom cable assemblies and membrane ... external HDDs. SeLeCTION MATRIx Backpanel and I/O Connectors Input/Output Connectors Description ... Description Crimp terminal Single-/dual-row housing Add to My Library
Connector Systems for PND
Mfg: Molex Published: 2008 Version: 987650-1721 8 pages
... 0.40mm (.016”) pitch board-to-board connectors, micro IDT coaxial systems for twist and turn applications, memory card connectors, battery connectors and a range of I/O connectors, docking and ... Right angle header, SMT Crimp housing receptacle Wire-to-board Connectors 0.80mm (.031”) Pitch Add to My Library
Kubler Sendix Absolute Encoders
Mfg: Turck Published: 2008 Version: B1152 84 pages
Many connector styles; M12, fixed cover, removable cover, etc ... conscience encoders are available with optional connectors or cable connections in place of the costlier ... RD M23 Connector or M12 Connector Direction ... 1 = Removable bus terminal cover, with radial screwed cable passage Add to My Library
Crown Clip Junior
Mfg: Tyco Electrical Published: 2008 Version: 1654261-8 8 pages
connector provides a space efficient connector in solder or screw mount configurations ideal for power supply ... PCB Connector 1982995 ... www.tycoelectronics.com M4 Low Head Screw user supplied Connector Bus Bar Conductor PCB ... Screws and Nuts in these views are shown for Reference only. Add to My Library
Ranger Stainless Steel Liquidtight Cord Connectors
Mfg: Thomas & Betts Published: 2008 Version: 06/08/20M GM-8078 4 pages
Liquidtight Cord Connectors Beveled Rubber Brushing Ensures ... Superior Compression and Sealing T&B Fittings Ranger® Stainless Steel Liquidtight Cord Connectors Type 304 Stainless Steel Construction ... Steel connectors rust, and non-metallic connectors can’t withstand high temperatures or ... Add to My Library
Connectivity Capabilities
Mfg: Turck Published: 2008 Version: B2102 54 pages
with Mounting Hole Simple connector or connector with extension cable ... Wash Down Connector Wash down mold ... Choose from integral connector or connector with extension cable ... and nylon coupling nuts available 128 ... M23 Home Run Connector with Set Screw Locks For Class I, Division 2 Add to My Library
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