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Kellems Wiring Devices
Mfg: Hubbell Wiring Dev Published: 2008 Version: Cat 120 950 pages
<.G .Conn.cIMI~ ~ '.~ ... Hubbell Guard® Hubbell Handi-Screw® Hubbell Juniors® ... Back wired ground screw reduces installation time. ... Dimensions in Inches (mm) Connector Bodies Cord Diameter ... Visible brass terminal screws and clamps, with a unique strand containment feature, ensure Add to My Library
Wiring Devices
Mfg: Hubbell Power Published: 2008 Version: H120 950 pages
Terminal Screws ws 10-32 Brass (white finish onn 0-32 Brass (white finish o Plugs and Connector neutral screutral screw when used)) Grounding ScrScrew w Brass (grrass (green finish) ... )d)) Grounding Screw Brass (green finish) Mounting Screws Nickel plated brass round head scrhead screws Add to My Library
Enclosed Control Product
Mfg: Eaton Published: 2008 Version: PG03300001E 456 pages
... are specified, enclosure has two water-tight hubs (power) installed top and bottom or one ... April 2008 Type 7 & 9 Bolted Type 7/9 — for Hazardous Gas Locations ... There are no knockouts, hub cover plates or hubs installed. ... Pushbutton Station Is Used, Omit Connector “A” and Connect per Add to My Library
Structured Cabling & Power Solutions
Mfg: Leviton Published: 2008 Version: V300 #2246 260 pages
... to Leviton Network Solutions, a more fitting name to address the tremendous scope of ... 6A QuickPort Connector extreme 10G QuickPort Connector "Available in 14 colors See ... CONNECTOR PART NUMBERS CAT 6A Shielded Connectors CAT 6 Shielded Connectors CAT 5e Shielded Connectors See page A6. Add to My Library
Current & Potential Transformers, Transducers and Accessories Catalog
Mfg: Flex-Core Published: 2008 Version: Catalog No. 2088 156 pages
Div. ... sales@flex-core.com ... Output Connector Accuracy LEAD ... or external power supply (+3V DC/100mA) via battery eliminator,2.1mm connector ... . Safety BNC female connector External Power ... Blue Special cables and connectors are available. ... . Two Banana Plugs Output Connector . Add to My Library
Full Line Catalog 108
Mfg: Heyco Products Published: 2008 Version: Catalog 108 208 pages
From cordgrips to conduit fittings, from wire connectors to wire positioning, Heyco’s got you covered! ... Heyco-Flex Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings Straight-Thru, NPT Hubs For Flexible, Nonmetallic Liquid Tight ... Heyco-Flex Conduit Fittings Straight-Thru, NPT Hubs Metallic Liquid Tight Add to My Library
Consulting Application
Mfg: Eaton Published: 2008 Version: CA08104001E 2032 pages
For more information visit: www.eaton.com ... Primary connections from one second-ary unit substation to the next second-ary unit substation can be made with “double” lugs on the unit substation primary switch as shown, or with sep-arable connectors made in manholes or other locations. Add to My Library
CCTV Systems Catalog
Mfg: Bosch Published: 2008 Version: F01U072785 768 pages
Bosch Security Systems, Inc. is your single source for quality products backed by the ... Bosch is security you can rely on. ... We encourage you to use www.boschsecurity.us as a tool to share your suggestions with ... Regional seminars are offered weekly in locations throughout the ... Av. Add to My Library
Carol Brand Electronics Wire & Cable
Mfg: General Cable Published: 2008 Version: CAR-0039-R0608 248 pages
Audio/Video Broadcast ... This catalog contains in-depth information on one of the most comprehensive lines of ... It features the latest information on products, along with detailed technical and ... Conduit Capacity Chart 184 Coax Connector Cross Reference 185-192 AWG Conductor Chart 193 Add to My Library
Comprehensive Lighting Handbook
Mfg: Lightolier Published: 2008 Version: LOL282008 1035 pages
This means that every iGEN luminaire is fitted with an iGEN DALI addressable ballast. ... of built-in continuous network winng and quick connectors engineered around DALI ballast technology. ... Pre positioned screws or nails for quick installation in wood, steel or composite construction. Add to My Library
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