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Explosion Proof Connectors
Mfg: Vantage Technology Llc Published: 2010 Version: 7-2010 60 pages
GB / GD connectors are the first and only explosionproof connectors to secure both UL and CSA listing with ... AF connectors are explosionproof and submersible! ... No external seals or fittings are required. ... Page 18 Control Connectors Multi-pin inserts can be crimp or solder terminated. Add to My Library
Electrical Connectors and Accessories
Mfg: Ilsco Published: 2009 Version: M109 No15/1009 380 pages
For Copper and Aluminum Conductors Split Bolts Two Bolt Clamps Labor Saving Alternative Products ... E ACN 48-50 ACL 48-51 E(Screws) ELT ... Non-Insulated Forks CRIMP 'N SEAL Forks, Splices, ... llsco connectors are UL Listed and CSA Certified with ILSCO and other Manufacturers' tools.+ Add to My Library
Amphe-Power Connectors with RADSOK Technology
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2004 Version: SL-391-4 29 pages
... in sizes 0, 4, 8 and 12 crimp or solder. Specific sizes can often be produced more economically than other fastening solutions. ... resources to provide RADSOK® sockets pressed into busbars, crimped to cables, assembled into connectors, assembled into customer or Amphenol de-signed ... Add to My Library
AMP_ Elcon Power Connectors
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2005 Version: 1773096 216 pages
AMP Power Tap DOMINO Series Connectors HTS Power Connectors Universal Power Connector Dimensions are in inches and ... Pluggable Bus Bar Product AMPOWER Wave Crimp System IEC Power Connectors (CORCOM) Battery Interconnects ... CROWN CLIP Connectors ICCON Connectors RAPID LOCK Connectors Add to My Library
Connector products
Mfg: Homac Mfg Company Published: 2007 Version: CP-2007 163 pages
HMC Connectors February 1, 2007 ... Aluminum Compression Service Entrance Splices Copper Mechanical Connectors Copper Compression Connectors Split Bolts & Two Bolt Connectors Grounding Connectors & Clamps Direct Burial Flood-Seal®Splice Kits ... Aluminum Set Screw Bar Pedestal Connectors Add to My Library
Secondary Underground Connectors
Mfg: Hubbell Power Published: 2008 Version: Section U-102 58 pages
Galvanized Steel BOLT SIZE ... Each fitting is marked with several manufacturers recommended crimping dies. ... 2.For Alcoa and Burndy tooling, crimps should start from inside crimp line, work outwards with the crimps overlapped, and the last crimp extending past the end of the connectors. Add to My Library
Rectangular Connectors Low Mating Force
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2011 Version: 12-035-12 44 pages
. 16-19 PC Connector . . ... Amphenol’s Low Mating Force Connectors are well known in the connector arena – with proven performance on the ... Input/Output Connector (I/O) also can be referred to as a “Cable Connector” I/O-C has rear removable crimp contacts I/O-P has round PCB stud solder ... Add to My Library
Terrapin Miniature Rugged Connector Series
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2010 Version: BWC 2823 11/10 15 pages
Miniature Rugged Connector Series Miniature Rugged Connector Series Intended for harsh ... Backshell Crimp ferrule L1K ... Rear Mount Jam Nut Plug (Screw On Backshell) ... Item 6 Item 7 Crimp ferrule Large eyelet All dimensions are in inches (mm shown in ... Headsets Hubs LAN Switches Add to My Library
Miniature Cylindrical Connectors
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2001 Version: MS-101-2 39 pages
coupling nuts are hardcoat treated for added protection against wear ... 1 MIL-C-26500 Connectors features ... Contacts are crimp terminated outside the connector assembly and inserted into the ... 2 Connector Sealing The insert design utilizes a combination of resilient and rigid ... Add to My Library
AMP Metrimate Pin and Socket Connectors
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2009 Version: 82045 - Rev. 6/08 - OG3B 64 pages
... —contacts on 5 [.197] centers (drawer connectors and special in-line connectors and pin headers have contacts on 5.08 [ ... . 17 Drawer Connectors . ... 2. High Current Louvertac – Screw machined pin & socket contacts. ... 1 Overall insulation crimp diameter, including crimp barrel, must not Add to My Library
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