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Standard Cylindrical Connectors
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2008 Version: 12-020-18 73 pages
... the Amphenol®/Matrix® MIL-DTL-5015* connector series which incorporates rear release crimp contacts. ... These connectors represent well-proven electrical capability at an acceptable cost ... * Crimp contacts accommodate wire the same size as the contact as well as wire of the next smaller, ... Add to My Library
Andrew Base Station Antenna Systems
Mfg: CommScope Published: 2008 Version: 2008 Catalog 145 pages
... , soldering, and other mechanical fasteners, enabling superior passive intermodulation ... HELIAX® Connector Attachment Training Ideal for those who require assistance with fitting cables and connectors or would benefit from expanded ... 7–16 DIN connectors carry a 5-year extended warranty. Add to My Library
Safety Engineering
Mfg: Euchner Published: 2008 Version: # 105039-01-11-08 631 pages
Read heads CET Connection cables/plug connectors Miscellaneous accessories Non-Contact Safety Switches CES-A ... The actuator fastened to the safety guard is moved towards the read head by closing the ... Connection (plug-in screw terminals/coded) Operating voltage Us (regulated, residual ... Add to My Library
Electroswitch - Switches and Relays for the Power Industry
Mfg: Electroswitch Published: 2008 Version: 2.5M608 82 pages
NEVER ... www.electroswitch.com ... Saves Panel Space by Fitting up to 3 LEDs into the Standard Series 24 Nameplate Footprint ... To limit switches to positions shown put limit screws in rear stop plate. ... INDICATE EXTERNAL TERMINAL CONNECTORS REQUIRED SWITCH IS VIEWED FROM HANDLE END Add to My Library
Wind Turbine Components
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2008 Version: 4-1773453-4 10M-SMC/CGX 10/08 23 pages
11 Heavy Duty Connectors Contactors ... Crimp, screw and spring clamp style wire termination ... , versatile and environmentally friendly connector system with crimp contacts, available in strip or loose ... conductors is possible. Bolts made of special aluminum alloy Compact design requires ... Add to My Library
Full Line Catalog
Mfg: Ideal Published: 2008 Version: P-070 284 pages
Crimp Connectors & Set Screw Connectors . . . .A-28 ... Wire Connectors Twister® Wire Connectors Exceptional wire-range capacity — three ... Wire Connectors Wire-Nut® Wire Connector Sockets ... LISTED WIRE CONN Term-a-Nut® Grounding Connector Connects multiple grounding conductors to a ... Add to My Library
Product Catalog 006
Mfg: EGS Sola HD Published: 2008 Version: 006 Version 6.1 293 pages
SolaHD is our line of premium power conversion and power quality brands. ... Our proven technologies power and protect throughout your facility for improved ... Canada ... Easy access terminal screws for quick mounting and installation. ... SDN-PMBRK2) with screw terminals for #12 AWG. Add to My Library
AMPMODU Interconnection Sytem
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2008 Version: 1307819 320 pages
Table of Contents (Continued) 4 AMPMODU 2mm Connectors AMPMODU 2mm Connectors (Board to Board) . ... 298 Locking Clip Connector Housings, Single Row, Crimp Snap-In . ... 5 Connectors PC/104 and PC/104- ... The surface-mount connectors have been designed so that dimensioning, tolerances, ... Add to My Library
10G Solutions
Mfg: Graybar Electric Co. Published: 2008 Version: 806440 07-098 124 pages
Field connectorization of optical cable is very simple, taking less than one minute ... MTP Connectors plug directly into preconfigured modules or harnesses for an extremely simple ... the housings provide easy, open access to connectors for moves, adds and changes and for connector cleaning. Add to My Library
Metral 2 mm Modular Interconnect System
Mfg: FCI Published: 2008 Version: ELXMetral 0108EA4E 228 pages
Signal connectors standard header straight 4 row - wide body 24 header straight 4 row - ... Signal connectors reversed header right angle 4 row - wide body 54 header right angle 4 row - narrow body 60 receptacle ... Housing wide body Contact screw pcb Mini Coax ... Header Cable conn. Guide Add to My Library
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