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Dynamic Series Connectors
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2013 Version: CS OS2012 100 pages
... power supplies, etc. Consists of wire-side connector and board-side connector. ... See other series Dynamic Series Connectors Maximum ... D-1 Contact Crimp Type Dynamic Series Connectors Receptacle Contact ... —DIN rail attachment x 1 —M3 fixing screws x 4 Information about related products Add to My Library
AMP Dynamic Series Connectors
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2007 Version: 1242132 120 pages
... power supplies, etc. Consists of wire-side connector and board-side connector ... As contacts can be crimped, connector quality is maintained ... Connector Panel-Mounting Hardware (L Fittings and Push Rivets) ... Assembly (with screw) Dimensions are in millimeters unless otherwise specified. Add to My Library
Crimp Tooling
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2009 Version: 1773379-1 / 05-09 / GATD 8 pages
User-adjustable ratchet control for a complete crimping cycle ... Over 100 interchangeable SDE die sets for crimp a broad range of connectors ... from bench to production or into the field, without the need for dies fitted to each kind of tool. PRO-CRIMPER III Hand Tool, Part No. 354940-1 Add to My Library
Blackburn Connectors
Mfg: Thomas & Betts Published: 2007 Version: PG-BB-0307 92 pages
PG-BB-0307 Compression Connectors Automatic Connectors Wedge Clamps ... 26-28 Automatic Connectors & Wedge Clamps Mechanical Service Entrance Connectors Parallel Groove Connectors Two-Bolt Connectors Cross Tap Clamps ... Complete die and crimp information clearly indented on each lug Add to My Library
Spec Flex Connectors
Mfg: American Fittings Corp. Published: 2013 Version: FLX.0713.1 2 pages
TM connectors Made in the USA Since 1946 ... Saves Labor on Every Connection No Screw or Crimp Required to Install No Screws to Pinch or Pierce Conduit NOT a Thin Wall Die Cast Fitting Maintains Full Integrity of Conduit ID & OD ... TM SPEC- ex connectors FMC Connector Fittings 1/2” to 1” Add to My Library
EMI Filter/Transient Protection Connectors
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2011 Version: 12-120-13 73 pages
. 65 How to Order Filter Connectors . ... metal oxide varistors (MOV’s) Filtered plug connectors Filtered hermetic connectors Filter connectors with ESD protection Combinations of filtering devices within one connector package ... It uses crimp insertable socket contacts on con-ductor wires. Add to My Library
Buyers Guide Edition 3
Mfg: Belden Nedco Published: 2018 Version: Edition 3 244 pages
www.belden.com ... 10GX Patch Panels 10GX Connectors, Tools and Accessories 10GX Modular Patch Cords ... BNC Compression Video Connectors F Compression Video Connectors Molded AV Assembly ... FiberExpress (FX) Field Termination Connectors FX Fusion Splice-On Connectors FX Fusion Accessories Add to My Library
D-Subminiatures Connectors and Accessories
Mfg: FCI Published: 2008 Version: ELXDSUBWEB0808EA4 72 pages
D-Subminiatures Connectors and accessories WEB Product Catalogue ... With operations in ... 8656 series - Crimp contacts and cable connectors ... I : Female screw M3 V : Female screw UNC 4-40 Technical characteristics – page 6 ... 40 : Fitted with power contacts 40 A, non RoHS compatible Add to My Library
Amphe EX Connectors for Hazardous Environments
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2006 Version: 12-056 23 pages
TM ... 18. Always inspect all aspects of connector assembly opera-tions before putting connector into actual operation. ... are not to be energized when fitted with the environmental blanking caps. ... Insert wire and contact into crimping tool as far as possible. Crimp contact wire well. Add to My Library
Single Pole Cam-Type Connectors
Mfg: Leviton Published: 2000 Version: G-5769/L0-6M rs 63 pages
Cam-Type Connectors CAM CONNECTORS FOR COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL USE ... An insulated screw is used to tightly secure the contact inside the insulating sleeve, ... Collar around port provides protection for insulated screw ... Heavy Duty Female Vulcanized Plug—Crimped (Cable Size: 1/0–2/0) Add to My Library
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