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97 Series Standard Cylindrical Connector
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2006 Version: 12-022-15 44 pages
... little chance that a wayward finger or screw-driver will short the circuit or cause ... If a crimp type connector is needed, the same steps apply, however, you should consult pages 20-29 ... polarized key in front shell. dard MS/AN fittings. for standard MS/AN fittings. Can be Mounting Holes Add to My Library
Quadrax Contacts Connectors and Cables
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2012 Version: 1654012 28 pages
... design for use in ARINC Quadrax Contacts, Connectors and Cables ARINC Size 8 Quadrax Connectors 600 plug connectors & receptacles Quadrax housing is keyed ... Electroless Nickel Plated, no clinch nuts Shell Features ... Keying Plate and Screws Crimp contacts Crimp contacts 11Q11 Insert Add to My Library
High Density Connector Series
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2011 Version: SL-402-1 16 pages
HDB3 Mother Board Connector HDB 3 I/O Conn r o t c e ... This new connector series of brush connectors incorporates a higher density contact ... Cable to board applications Crimp termination Uses wire well size 22D ... X CONNECTOR MOUNTING ... Accepts I/O Connector Jack Screw Shown with Add to My Library
Myers Hubs
Mfg: Cooper Crouse-H Published: 2012 Version: 5057-1112 8 pages
Myers™ Hubs The broadest, most complete offering for terminating ... Through-Bulkhead Fitting Hubs are the perfect ... and positive grounding. Grounding Screw for added safety. Captive O-Ring Gasket - ... dimensions as shown will give approximately 1/8” clearance between locking nuts. Add to My Library
Flexible Cords, Connectors, Bushings
Mfg: American Fittings Corp. Published: 2008 Version: 2008 Catalog 104 pages
Set screw fittings utilize captive screws that will not loosen with vibration. ... Furnished with nut and bolt to accelerate installation ... Female connectors with threaded hubs are acquirable for versatility. ... Connector bodies and nuts are fabricated from the highest quality steel for ... Add to My Library
Connectors and PCB Terminal Blocks Vol 2
Mfg: Wago Published: 2012 Version: 0888-6002/0200-3601 · 626 pages
- Insert the conductor ... Female connectors with locking levers, Female connectors with screw flanges, ... Page 285 Female connectors with screw flanges, 713 Series ... Female connectors with push-buttons and screw flanges, 2231 Series ... fine-stranded with crimped pin terminal (gas-tight) Add to My Library
Compression Connectors and Tooling Systems
Mfg: Belden Published: 2014 Version: 062014 36 pages
NO screws, keys or other adjustment pieces to manage ... F connectors or F-Conn RG11 connectors (FS11V, FS11PL and ... ” head for quick tightening without having to remove the wrench from the connector Use to tighten 7/16" F-type fittings Torque inch/pounds preset at ... DS3 CONNECTOR DS4 Add to My Library
Amplimite Subminiature D Connectors
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2012 Version: 82068 160 pages
Cable Connectors HDP-20 Crimp Snap-In Contact Connectors . . . . . . .90-102 ... Accessories (Cable Clamps, Shields, Fasteners ... top connector and the bottom connector measure .335 [8.51] when compared to .400 [10.06] on the ... Plug connector requires backshell kit for complete assembly. Add to My Library
D-Subminiature Connectors HD
Mfg: FCI Published: 2010 Version: ELXDSUBHDEN0210EA4 16 pages
FCI's I/O connector solutions complete your board and system designs by providing ... D-Sub Right Angle Female High Density D-Sub Crimp Housing High Density D-Sub Crimp Contacts High Density D-Sub Solder ... nuts with Board locks L : M3 Clinch nuts with Board locks RoHS status RoHS compliant Add to My Library
Quadrax Contacts, Connectors & Cables
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2009 Version: 1654012 28 pages
Fits into keyed connector inserts for connectors such as: ARINC 404 & 600, General ... Crimp type, screw machined, 24 AWG contacts ... Electroless Nickel Plated, no clinch nuts Chromate with six 4-40 clinch nuts Chromate, no clinch nuts Electroless Nickel Plated, with ten 4-40 clinch nuts Add to My Library
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