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Grounding Catalog
Mfg: Burndy Published: 2008 Version: GC-08 133 pages
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Secondary Underground Connectors
Mfg: Hubbell Power Published: 2008 Version: Section U-102 58 pages
Galvanized Steel BOLT SIZE ... Each fitting is marked with several manufacturers recommended crimping dies. ... 2.For Alcoa and Burndy tooling, crimps should start from inside crimp line, work outwards with the crimps overlapped, and the last crimp extending past the end of the connectors. Add to My Library
Construction Products and Systems
Mfg: Thomas & Betts Published: 2008 Version: GM-102 Vol 2 612 pages
10unts to floor track easily with screws through three re-punched holes in bottom ... Provide better contact with conduit fitting and locknut to the box, improves grounding path, stronger than y."' knockout ... outlet or switch boxes shall be securely fastened to the studs and the opening in ... Add to My Library
Electrical Installation Products
Mfg: Wago Published: 2008 Version: 51216511 24 pages
Connector Blocks Assembly of modular connectors to connector strips ... stranded fine stranded fine stranded, tip bonded fine stranded with crimped ferrule fine stranded with crimped pin terminal ... for fastening screw 3 mm Ø or for self tapping screw 2.9 mm Ø from top without marking Add to My Library
Heavy Duty Connectors
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2008 Version: 889745-2 236 pages
16A 3 Crimp/ Screw/ Spring ... 3 Crimp / Screw / ... 3 Crimp (stamped) ... TDS21M HTS Heavy Duty Connectors Cable fitting Special cable fittings for protection up to ... Solid machined contacts with screw, spring or crimp termination ... Female insert Screw, Spring clamp or crimp terminal Add to My Library
Industrial Connector Interconnect Product Overview
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2008 Version: SL-381-6 12 pages
... signal rapid mating connector for use where MIL-5015 threaded connectors could be used. ... to mate/pull to unmate provides positive locking. Crimp or solder termination. Crimp termination. Amphe-LIte operating performances. ... Panelboard adapters, conduit fitting boxes, cord grip handles. Add to My Library
Catalog 30
Mfg: Dottie Published: 2008 Version: CAT 30C 168 pages
BIT KIT BOLT. Screw & Bolt Extractor BOLTS Lag ... COMBO Fittings Screws CONCRETE ... S Screw Screw Eye HUBS, GROUND INSERT BITS ... NMC CONNECTOAS NO THREAD CONN NUTS, Hex NYLON ANCHORS ... Stove bolts have a truss head and are furnished with hex nuts. The head projects above the Add to My Library
NEC Code Review
Mfg: EGS Appleton Published: 2008 Version: 2008 Catalog 152 pages
... has two carefully machined metal surfaces which are bolted tightly together keeping the hot ... enclosures have dome covers with acme screw type square threads designed to prevent ... Terminal screws Machined ... Materials, fittings, devices, appliances, and the like that are part of, or in ... Add to My Library
Mfg: NSI Published: 2008 Version: June 20 pages
5 Bronze Ground Clamps for Rigid Conduit & Conduit Hubs . ... Stainless steel nuts and lockwashers are stan-dard on all clamps. ... copper with stainless steel screws tin-plated copper with stainless steel screws ... Aluminum connectors are dual-rated for use with aluminum or copper cables. Add to My Library
Arktite Plugs,Receptacles,Connectors
Mfg: Cooper Crouse-H Published: 2008 Version: 4709-0808 20 pages
Plugs, Receptacles, and Connectors 55118_Arktite.qxp:Layout 1 9/9/08 5:50 PM Page 2 ... Contacts: pressure, solder, and binding screw - brass; crimp/solder - leaded red brass; 30, 60, ... -- AR Screw Cap QE13 ... APJ/AP Fastening Ring 0400723 ... Pressure Crimp/Solder Crimp/Solder Diameter Add to My Library
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