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Decorative Line
Mfg: Contrast Ltg Published: 2009 Version: 2009-03 126 pages
__ 7 ... AN EXCLUSfVE AND INCOMPARABLE ART ... All of our glass shades are distinctive and entirely hand-made. ... Mastering years of ... know-how and committed to excellence. ... our glass artists aim to achieve a broad range of colors and textures. ... By shaping the matter, they express an out... Add to My Library
Compact Fluorescent
Mfg: Contrast Ltg Published: 2006 Version: Catalog 121 pages
Contrast Lighting introduces a new line of compact fluorescent downlights in 13, 18, 26, 32 and 42 watt configurations, to meet the application needs in today’s lighting industry for energy savings. ... This collection comes in vertical or horizontal compact fluorescent, and is offered in 4”, 6’’... Add to My Library
Recessed Lighting Low Voltage
Mfg: Contrast Ltg Published: 2004 Version: 2004 Catalog 111 pages
LOW ... MRll &MR16 ... FLUORESCENT _ ... HOUSINGS' Add to My Library
Contrast Lighting - Light in Design
Mfg: Contrast Ltg Published: 2003 Version: Cat. No. LID0103 24 pages
Multi-Aim™ offers the best of both worlds where the functionality of track and the clean lines of recessed fixtures are desired. ... Uncompromising quality, design and exceptional value have quickly made Multi-Aim™ the fixture of choice with specifiers and retailers nation wide. ... The sign of t... Add to My Library
Recessed Lighting
Mfg: Contrast Ltg Published: 2014 Version: Oct-14 20 pages
Burnt Orange ... Matte White ... Cobalt Blue ... Oloice of ... • Clearance ... , Iowance ... type: 3 SIB to 9 ... to 23 ... • Below ... unit types: ... 4 mm) ... ceiling ao::essJbllity ... into joists. ... 610 mm) ... 3.S· (91 ... • r (178 ... listed for direct contact ... The patented fixing system Add to My Library
Wall Scones
Mfg: Contrast Ltg Published: Version: Brochure 8 pages
Our mouth blown art glass shades are one-of-a-ki nd creations. ... With their artist's eye and experienced hands, our glass ma kers create stunningly transparent pieces in a vast array of colors. ... They work the glass paste, infusing it with their skill and imparting to each piece a I uminous g... Add to My Library