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The Heatbook CI/SFB (56)
Mfg: Dimplex Published: 2014 Version: D1700/0314 104 pages
The future of domestic space heating is electric, a fact which is fast becoming apparent from government documentation outlining the future plans of the building and environmental legislation that governs the direction in which domestic heating will develop. ... No one else in the industry invest... Add to My Library
Electric Heating Products
Mfg: Dimplex Published: 2014 Version: LI-981 79 pages
Dimplex CONNEX™ wireless control technology brings innovation to electric heat products and sets a new standard in comfort, energy-efficiency and control for residential and commercial heating. ... One touch allows control over four zones and daily programming to maximize cost savings without sacr... Add to My Library
Produits De Chauffage Electrique
Mfg: Dimplex Published: 2014 Version: LI-944F 79 pages
Cherchez le symbole pour trouver notre gamme d’appareils de chauffage intelligents à technologie ConneX . ... Dimplex Commercial est un nom de confiance dans le domaine du chauffage électrique. ... Notre engagement consiste à offrir les produits de chauffage électrique les mieux fabriqués et les ... Add to My Library
The Fires Collection Version 2
Mfg: Dimplex Published: 2014 Version: D1721/0914 68 pages
A range of contemporary and traditional fires using our original and the world’s best-selling electric flame effect ... A virtual fireplace experience like no other. ... Light your fire ... There is nothing quite like a fire – it creates a wonderful feeling of comfort and cosiness. ... And with a Dimp... Add to My Library
Electric Heating Products
Mfg: Dimplex Published: 2011 Version: LI 944 58 pages
Revolutionary design provides a sleek, compact heater profile, while improving heater performance, reducing energy consumption, and improving comfort. ... Faster heating of the room than a conventional baseboard due to rapid vertical laminar air flow, directing heat to the ceiling, speeding dispers... Add to My Library
Heat Pumps CI/SFB (56)
Mfg: Dimplex Published: 2012 Version: D1584/0512 56 pages
Dimplex has long been the number one name in electric heating technology, having established an unmatched reputation for quality, reliability and innovation. ... UK and Germany, Dimplex produces the widest range of heat pumps available on the UK market and leads the way in the development of ener... Add to My Library
Unvented Hot Water Cylinders
Mfg: Dimplex Published: 2012 Version: D1610/0612 24 pages
Mains pressure hot water with full eco-credentials ... A name y ... With an unmatched reputation for quality, reliability and innovation, the Dimplex name is well known in both public and private sectors where the brand has become synonymous with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Add to My Library
The Designer Heating Range
Mfg: Dimplex Published: 2012 Version: D1615/0812 20 pages
The heating market in the UK is changing faster than ever before. ... Fuel prices, legislation and technological developments are changing the way that homes are heated, and as the world’s largest manufacturer of electric heating products, Dimplex has the capabilities and knowledge to remain at t... Add to My Library
Designer Towel Rail Range
Mfg: Dimplex Published: 2013 Version: D1646/0213 16 pages
Contemporary styles specifically designed for modern bathrooms and en-suites ... Electric towel rails – simply Dimplex ... There are many good reasons for choosing to install an electric towel rail in your bathroom, many of which you may not have previously considered. ... Whether it’s a replaceme... Add to My Library
Quantum Heating System
Mfg: Dimplex Published: 2014 Version: D1725/0914 16 pages
Quantum is the world’s most advanced electric space heater. ... It uses low cost, off-peak energy to provide the most economical electric heating system on the market today, plus it also provides heat only when its needed – whatever the time of day or night. ... Quantum is the culmination of 3 ye... Add to My Library
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