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Start with Moeller Products Catalog
Mfg: Klockner Moeller Published: 2008 Version: STARTER-CAT-NA-0708 No. 1-024034 456 pages
Their compliance with IEC standards ensures the most accurate match to your motor size – you’ll never buy more control than you need. ... Auxiliary contact blocks for new DIL M contactors have pos-itively guided contacts for added safety in control circuits. ... It also permits tighter packing de... Add to My Library
Electrical and Electronic Controls
Mfg: Klockner Moeller Published: 1994 Version: HPL USA 94/96 398 pages
Previous issues are superseded. ... All prices and specifications quoted herein are subject to change without notice. ... Prices herein do not include Sales Taxes. ... Dimensions in this catalog are approximate only and should not be used for construction purposes. ... 0 ... ') Where different fr... Add to My Library
Electrical and Electronic Controls for Ind Automation
Mfg: Klockner Moeller Published: 1990 Version: Edition USA 31C 72 pages
Klockner-Moeller manufactures a full line of high quality industrial motor control products. ... See page 67 for details. ... See page 68 for details. ... Klockner-Moeller is pleased to present this latest edition of its catalog. ... Items described in this catalog are available almost immediatel... Add to My Library
Starter Products Catalog Addendum
Mfg: Klockner Moeller Published: 2009 Version: LIMIT-CAT-NA-0909 54 pages
Limit, safety and pressure switches bridge the gap between mechanical and electrical systems effectively and simply, oftentimes without the need for expen-sive sensors and automation. ... These switches are designed to signal an electrical system about the physical changes of position or pressure... Add to My Library
Industrial Control Panels
Mfg: Klockner Moeller Published: 1995 Version: NA 43-2 16 pages
Electricity is u ed in almost every activity of everyday life: communications. ... Now, wherever and however electricity is used. ... Klockner Moeller can also be found switcbing. ... Esrabli hed products are continu ally reviewed and reassessed. ... earch for new solutions is relent less. ... Bu... Add to My Library
System PKZ 2-SP
Mfg: Klockner Moeller Published: 1994 Version: W 128-7198-NA 12 pages
__ -Ll- _____ ... No live parts exposed to human touch (IP 20, VDE 0106, part 100) 3000m ... Solid or stranded AWG 14-6, 75° C, copper only ... Contactor 5 x 106 ops ... Disconnect 0.05 x 106 ops ... Contactor 1 x 106 ops/0.30 X 106 ops ... NHI, AGM, VS3, EK ... ... 24VDC PLC outputs. ... Power s... Add to My Library
Klockner Digital IO Expansion Module
Mfg: Klockner Moeller Published: 1994 Version: D27EM 4101DD1-NA 8 pages
Operates as a SUCOnet-Kl master PLC. Processes the user program and controls up to 3 SUCOnet-Kl slave devices. ... A PS4 slave 110 device does not process a user program. ... Processes its own user program and controls its own va. ... PS4 Co-processor exchanges ... 9 data bytes with the master PL... Add to My Library