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Fluorescent Lighting Products
Mfg: USI Ltg Published: 1990 Version: 1990 Catalog 613 pages
FODlcandle levels Shown dre iMial lor a single fixture. ... For data on :specillc room Sizes, mountmg dislances and floor reflectance contact your Columbia representative. ... Recommended mounting distance from the wall IS 36" the mou(wng distance from the wall is between 12" and 48- . ... Typica... Add to My Library
Fluorescent Product Selection Guide CK 2
Mfg: USI Ltg Published: 1992 Version: 106-K3001-392 116 pages
Columhta Lighting, a division of USI lighting, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of commercial and tndustrial fluorescent luminaires. ... Our sales professionals are expenenced w ith all facets of lighting from direct consultation with architects and engin·eers, to order entry and delivery. ... The ... Add to My Library
Fluorescent Products
Mfg: USI Ltg Published: 1988 Version: CK-1 106-K3001 108 pages
Keystone Lighting to produce the most complete fluorescent product offering available in the industry today. ... Columbia Lighting headquartered in Spokane, Washington is a leading manufacturer of specification grade fluorescent lighting for offices, commercial and institutional buildings. ... Co... Add to My Library