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Timers Relays and Controls
Mfg: SSAC Published: 1990 Version: C-FL100-3/90 364 pages
It is not enough to provide accurate and stable controls; these controls must address the requirements of the application—no more and no less. ... This is why the SSAC product selection is so vast. ... Computers monitor and check all Skilled mechanical and printed circuit board engineers provide ... Add to My Library
Timers Flashers HAVC Controls
Mfg: SSAC Published: 1991 Version: C-FL101-1-91 331 pages
Digital timing module features a normally closed output. ... Includes a stable oscillator for high accuracy, long delays, and linearity. ... The time delay can be factory fixed or externally adjusted. ... Digital circuitry combined with high current solid-state output. ... Encapsulated with metal... Add to My Library
Timers and Flashers Catalog
Mfg: SSAC Published: 2010 Version: Cat2010 176 pages
It features our products and contains a special section that explains which of our products are best suited for the different industries. ... The time delays can be factory fixed, onboard or externally adjustable or a combination of fixed and adjustable. ... The KRPS Series is a factory programme... Add to My Library