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Lighting PSG 5
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2005 Version: PSG5A 07/05 1058 pages
Site Lightforms maintains this theme at the pedestrian level. ... Each Site Lightforms fixture has an optical module engineered to produce an asymmetric light distribution using a horizontal lamp, and flat tempered glass lens. ... Because of the low mounting height, coated H.I.D. lamps are recomm... Add to My Library
Product Selection Catalog 4
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2003 Version: PSG4A 0703 986 pages
722-725 ... For our most up-to-date product information as well as detailed technical data, please visit the following websites: ... www.hubbell-Itg.com www.spaulding-Itg.com www.securitylightingsystems.com ... 6" MSV, RCS, RCL & DM lu m i rl~ir~s ... Specify option IoAdd to My Library
Product Selection Guide 6
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2007 Version: HLI1000-6 959 pages
Same housing accommodates 26W, 32W, and 42W tripl e t ube lamps ... Same housing accommodates open downlight, wa ll wash, and regressed lens reflectors ... Bar hangers sold separately f or T-bar and ceiling joist application, specify B24 or B6 ... Optional lens regressed above ceiling for consist... Add to My Library
Lighting Buyers Guide
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 1999 Version: BG199 684 pages
Our lighting products are founded on a 100-year tradition of excellence. ... Through team work and a fOCllS on manufacturing the best product possible like two circuit track. ... In keeping with our policy 01 always providing the marketplace with produCls which incorporate the latest technology, ... Add to My Library
PSG Third Edition
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2002 Version: PSG3B 0702 629 pages
Housing Dimensions: 713/16" W X 215/1 6 " D X 45/s" H Faceplate Dimensions: 95/s" W x 1/4" D X 515/1 6 " H ... Order housing and faceplate as separate line items. ... See ordering example below. ... Screw type, louvered faceplate and glass only ... Hinged, louvered faceplate and glass with two co... Add to My Library
Outdoor Industrial PSG
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2002 Version: BG08-02 410 pages
Looking for fixtures that combine out standing performance and greate r value than other outdoor systems? ... The best in lighting both horizontal and vertica l surfilces. ... In keeping with our policy 01 always prOVIding the marketplace with products which incorporate the lateSt lechnology, 5pO... Add to My Library
Buyers Guide
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 1994 Version: BG 394B 348 pages
Solid expertise in lamps, ballasts and electronics combine to create energy efficient products. ... By being the first in our industry to achieve certification, Hubbell is continuing its tradition of leadership and setting the benchmark for quality in the lighting industry. ... Responsible indivi... Add to My Library
LED Lighting and Controls Buyers Guide
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 2013 Version: HLI0090 323 pages
Making the ordinary extraordinary for over 125 years is how Hubbell Lighting continues to provide the marketplace with reliable innovation. ... Performance, quality and ease of use culminate in solutions that save energy and deliver proven return on investment regardless of the application. ... H... Add to My Library
Buyers Guide
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 1988 Version: 1988 Catalog 242 pages
Hubbell will repair or replace (at Its option) any part of Ihe equipment delivered here under which under normal and proper use proves defective in workmanship or material within one year from date of shipment by ... Hubbell. ... The correction of such defects by repair or replacement sha ll cons... Add to My Library
Prescolite PSG 42
Mfg: Hubbell Ltg Published: 1991 Version: 903-PS-9-91 217 pages
All Prescolite recessed incandescent fixtures meet the latest National Electric Code (article #41 O-SSC) and are U.L. listed in accordance with the requirements of U.l . #1571 . ... Prescolite offers two types of recessed incandescent fixtures. ... including installation where insulation is in di... Add to My Library
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