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Fostoria Industrial Grade Heating Products
Mfg: Fostoria Published: 1999 Version: 96-HOU-AQ-8553 54 pages
The warranty herein set forth is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, and shall not apply to any accessory not part of the product. ... It is recommended to re-place reflectors and end caps when replacing ele ments, since element life may be adversely affected by reflectors which... Add to My Library
Fostoria Industrial Grade Ljighting Products
Mfg: Fostoria Published: 1999 Version: 1999 Catalog 32 pages
What is the value of a warranty? ... But is that really why you buy a product? ... Because warranties don't add perfor mance or give satisfaction, they only make your dissatisfaction easier to deal with. ... When you choose a Fostoria task light fixture, you get performance and satisfaction, from... Add to My Library
Process Heat Ovens
Mfg: Fostoria Published: 2009 Version: 50-681-09 29 pages
For most people, specifying and purchasing a new Heat Bank or Oven is not an everyday task, and sorting through the hype and conflicting advice to select and specify the heating equipment for an application can be the most difficult part of your process. ... Second, identify the heating category ... Add to My Library
Infrared Sections
Mfg: Fostoria Published: 2010 Version: 900-HTS-10 14 pages
These standard hi-temperature rated sections are designed to withstand higher oven temperatures, up to ... 600⁰ F, so they can be installed inside convection ovens as a preheat or booster prior to convection curing of powders and paints. ... Hi-temp sections are also easily grouped to form IR ban... Add to My Library
Comfort Infrared Products
Mfg: Fostoria Published: Version: Catalog 13 pages
Gold anodized Aluminum housing for efficient, long term reflectivity & corrosion resistance. ... To avoid potential hazards use model GF-SK-1 ground fault sensing switch with these heaters. ... This device is designed to provide a reliable way to quickly terminate power to the heaters in the even... Add to My Library
Powder Curing Ovens and Spray Enclosures
Mfg: Fostoria Published: 2010 Version: FSE-PH-10 6 pages
other wet coating/finish. ... Fostoria can ship any standard powder curing oven in 2 weeks or less, after receipt of a qualified order. ... Our Application Engineers have decades of experience in the design and manufacture ... Exclusive insulated modular panel construction, allows Fostoria to shi... Add to My Library
Portable Heat Products
Mfg: Fostoria Published: 2010 Version: HR-PH-10 6 pages
Double side wall housings to reduce operating temperatures. ... 6.0 and 13.5KW heaters have double top baffles to reduce operating temperatures. ... 60° symmetrical heat pattern. ... Factory installed U-shaped metal sheath infrared heating elements have an average 5000 hour life. ... Heavy duty p... Add to My Library