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Ridgid Tools
Mfg: Ridge Tool Company Published: 2014 Version: 999-997-517.10 V7.5 276 pages
And, we include innovative features to ensure that our tools and machines get jobs done as quickly as possible without compromising quality. ... These centers feature the latest in supply chain logistic technologies so that our product stocking levels meet your delivery demands. ... RIDGID brande... Add to My Library
Power Tools
Mfg: Ridge Tool Company Published: 2006 Version: R-06-C 10 pages
Use the tools on the job to get the results professionals demand. ... Register your tools to take advantage of the industry's only ... Composite Shoe – Super high strength composite shoe designed to withstand severe impacts without bending or breaking ... 0-50° Bevel Capacity With 45° Positive St... Add to My Library
NaviTrack Line Locator
Mfg: Ridge Tool Company Published: 2003 Version: 999-997-438.10 8 pages
NaviTrack navigates you to the location of underground pipes quickly and easily. ... It tracks energized lines and utilities with ease. ... These antennas, when combined with sophisticated software, make locating incredibly easy. ... “Absolutely fantastic! ... Locating was the most feared piece o... Add to My Library
SeekTech SR-20 Line Locator
Mfg: Ridge Tool Company Published: 2005 Version: 999-997-690.10 6 pages
Ridge Tool’s new line of locating equipment meets the most demanding needs of the locating professional by delivering... ...You need the right tool. ... Advanced processing power, combined with an innovative mapping display, allows you to find buried utilities with Speed, Accuracy and Confidence. Add to My Library
NaviTrack Scout
Mfg: Ridge Tool Company Published: 2006 Version: 999-997-675.10 4 pages
Scout is designed to solve the most demanding remote transmitter (sonde) locates using the same multi-directional locating technology as the full-featured NaviTrack II. ... Easier Locates: ... The Scout’s multi-directional antenna technology sees the entire signal all of the time. ... Simply maxi... Add to My Library
ProPress G System
Mfg: Ridge Tool Company Published: 2004 Version: 999-997-669.10 4 pages
Description: The Smart Connect (SC) feature is a valuable, time-saving feature which quickly and easily identifies unpressed connections so they are not left behind. ... This feature, which is included in all ProPress G fittings, is a special indentation on the inside surface of the fitting near ... Add to My Library
SeekTech Locating Tools
Mfg: Ridge Tool Company Published: 2007 Version: R-07-K 4 pages
Locating with RIDGID transmitters gives you the power and versatility to quickly and accurately trace underground lines, cables,and pipes! ... When you need to know the exact location, choose RIDGID ... Distance: Induce over 8 times more current than the competition onto a target line. ... More c... Add to My Library
Jobmax Fitting Bag
Mfg: Ridge Tool Company Published: 2006 Version: R-06-1 10-06 2 pages
Fittings Bag ... The RIDGID JobMax Fittings Bag is ideal for transporting copper or PEX fittings to and from the jobsite.The large center compartment features six durable neoprene pockets designed to separate different sized fittings.Three large outside pockets easily store tubing cutters, reamer... Add to My Library