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Mfg: Phoenix Northwest Co. Published: 2014 Version: NK 2014 446 pages
Angled PCB terminal blocks with push-in spring connection up to 6 mm2, 10 mm pitch ... Generally the term SMD or SMT (surface mount technology) refers to the dominant production method currently used for assemblies in electronics production. ... Dimensional drawings of tape reels and suction area... Add to My Library
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Mfg: Phoenix Northwest Co. Published: 2008 Version: MNR 5131327/12.09.2008-04 24 pages
Surge voltages originating from switching operations in electrical systems or from lightning discharges destroy or damage elec-tronic equipment. ... Electrical systems and equipment are effectively protected from destruction by surge voltages by the profes-sional TRABTECH surge protection. ... Al... Add to My Library