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Electrical Products Catalog 34v2
Mfg: Orbit Industries Published: 2013 Version: Catalog 34 v2 309 pages
This category covers metallic ftush device boxes, conduit All boxes with concentric or eccenb1c knockouts have been ... ftush-mounted wiring devices, intended for installation in knockouts where used in circuits above or below250 V, and may ... Boxes may or may net be provided with clamps. ... Ex... Add to My Library
Electrical Products Catalog 34
Mfg: Orbit Industries Published: 2010 Version: Catalog 34 307 pages
Any unauthorized or commercial use or reproduction of the pictures, drawings, arrangement, descriptions and part numbers contained in this catalog is strictly prohibited. ... Items are subject to change without notice and may differ from the items pictured. ... Boxes and conduit bodies shall be o... Add to My Library
LED Bulbs and Fixtures
Mfg: Orbit Industries Published: 2013 Version: 201304 34 pages
Orbit Industries provides RR4, an energy efficient ceiling light fixture. ... Its recessed retroft down-light p r o v i d e s t h e h i g h e s t l i g h t ... “ ... [139.7 mm] ... Orbit Industries provides the HL-38, a powerful energy conserving flood light for everyday outdoor activities. ... This... Add to My Library