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Angelo Brothers Company
Mfg: Angelo Bros Published: 1996 Version: IQ0696 / 50M /00696-96 548 pages
For our first 5 0 years, we have been a leader in marketing and merchandising decorative electrical products. ... Our past success has always been based on bringing you a quality product, merchandised better than any other product, at a competitive price. ... In this 50th Anniversary assortment, ... Add to My Library
The Michelangelo Collection
Mfg: Angelo Bros Published: 2002 Version: MWG302 336 pages
These versatile fixtures can be mounted with or without the bottom extemlon (tail). ... Down Light ... These fixtures feature down tight for extra illumination, making them ideal for use over dining room table or in a fO':JeY ... Dual Mount ... These fixtures can be suspended from the ceiling b'j... Add to My Library
Angelo Lamp Specification Guide
Mfg: Angelo Bros Published: 1990 Version: 00610-90 First Edition 24 pages
II \,I\,A"I ing strategically designed to provide high impulse sales and to speak to your customers' needs. ... Each product line has a distinctive design that clearly communicates the product and specifications. ... The size of our packaging has been kept to an absolute minimum to receive a maxi... Add to My Library