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Outdoor Lighting
Mfg: USArchitectural Published: Version: Catalog 360 pages
o luminaires; ... lighting featuring computer Dual function engineered controlled beam spreads; o Vertical lamp luminaires for large area lighting featuring highly efficient wide spacing (up/down light); to mounting height rat ios; o Decorative site lighting units; with companion wall mount o Dua... Add to My Library
Buyers Guide
Mfg: USArchitectural Published: 2003 Version: 340 pages
FAX NO. ... (661) 233-2001 ... w w w . u s a I tg.co m ... [4DD WATT MAX.] ... ~1 7" ... FAX NO. ... (661) 233-2001 ... w w w . u s a I t g .co m ... *H H--4' ... HEIGHT ... 8.8 ... 11.2 ... All abovE design calculations are based on sustained wind forces plus additional I.3 wind gust [Example: P... Add to My Library
DS Series Neo Classic Area Luminaires
Mfg: USArchitectural Published: Version: Brochure 64 pages
The bold aesthetic elements, from the variety of shade styles to the decorative luminous treatments, allow the DS ... Series to be configured to match any architectural context. ... Additionally, a wide selection of optical approaches provide the lighting professional with the tools to address env... Add to My Library
Galaxy Series Luminaires
Mfg: USArchitectural Published: Version: Brochure 26 pages
This extensive product offering features more than 100 designs in lamp wattages from 70 to 400 watts. ... The 8 distinct styles feature both horizontal and vertical lamps, in seven light distributions, for both sharp cutoff and wide angle use. ... All Galaxy fixtures feature AccuhingeTM, the tota... Add to My Library
Mozart Lantern
Mfg: USArchitectural Published: Version: Brochure 24 pages
TM ... The Mozart Lantern is designed based on the concept that what is pleasant to the ear can also create elegance to the eye. ... Many of the mathematical sequences in classical music were used in the proportions and aesthetic rhythm of the components; here, such harmony creates a lantern of Add to My Library
Lighting Summary
Mfg: USArchitectural Published: Version: Brochure 18 pages
Xwnr iw—i w ... 1—nwwmnnmiLii II IIII,• •, ••IIFI,M iin ••'••y_- ... max. watt. ... 400 w. ... 24" DIA. ... (4)221/2"x1" SQ. ... 1000 w. ... 20" DIA. ... (6)121/2"x.84 0.D. ... 250 w. ... SEE CAT. ... (6)14V2"x.84 0.D. ... B@Ginir@@fliE&ni » ... SEE CAT ... 25" DIA. ... 29" DIA. ... (6)191/2"x.84... Add to My Library
Camber LED
Mfg: USArchitectural Published: Version: Brochure 12 pages
Camber is designed to be seen both day and night. ... Its daytime form is an eclectic blend of curvilinear and rectilinear lines accentuated by structurally expressive components. ... As such, Camber becomes an accent element for a broad range of contemporary architectural schemes. ... Camber is ... Add to My Library
Tsunami Area Luminaire
Mfg: USArchitectural Published: Version: Brochure 12 pages
Architecture is the backdrop for the vast majority of area luminaire installations. ... Therefore, it is important that the fixture design be complementary to the building in terms of basic form and character. ... Tsunami has been designed with the ability to visually blend into today’s architectu... Add to My Library