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Pipetool Technologies at Work
Mfg: L-Com Connectivity Prod Published: 2012 Version: 4100000073/10.11/D/7 356 pages
The ROTHENBERGER product program stands for quality and technology from one source. ... Having manufactured and sold more than 5,000 products, ROTHENBERGER has the most extensive program for modern premium piping tools and machines worldwide. ... That is why research and development based on the ... Add to My Library
Wireless Products MC
Mfg: L-Com Connectivity Prod Published: 2009 Version: MC 1.0 243 pages
pride in having a large variety of USB ablEi. ... AWG powef Irads provide maximum current/power transfer ... Most common mini USB {onne<:tor.Used with digitll cametas, MPJ player;,cejl phones and other small ponablt dtl'ices 015 well 015 50mt GPS unitt ... Efficiently allows USB (abies to be pall... Add to My Library