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LED Lighting Solutions
Mfg: Kurt Versen Company Published: 2011 Version: KV1001 12 pages
Since the 1930s Kurt Versen has designed and manufactured premium quality point source lighting products, utilizing incandescent, compact fluorescent, HID and now LED sources. ... Selected by leading lighting design firms, engineers, architects, specifiers and agencies, our specification grade point ... Add to My Library
Mfg: Kurt Versen Company Published: 2002 Version: KV1977 12 pages
Architectural spaces can be enhanced and improved with Kurt Versens’ rectangle series of downlights. ... Rectangular openings fit easily into the ceiling plane, so concepts of orientation, repetition and integration become readily apparent. ... These unique products offer new style and individual... Add to My Library
Mfg: Kurt Versen Company Published: 2002 Version: KV1981 8 pages
Smaller lamps make these striking new fixtures possible. ... Until now, it was difficult to plan an integrated lighting design with a single small aperture because product lines were incomplete. ... Kurt Versen’s four and six inch square aperture systems include down-lights, directionals and wall... Add to My Library
Brightness Data for Downlights
Mfg: Kurt Versen Company Published: 2002 Version: Z1 KV1978 4 pages
Z1 ... The most commonly used system produces misleading information because the concept does not apply to downlights. ... There is a better method. ... Brightness or luminance data are determined by two basic procedures, both recognized by the Illuminating Engineering ... One method is called Av... Add to My Library
Flush Mount Trims
Mfg: Kurt Versen Company Published: 2007 Version: KV2001 4 pages
The great advantage of recessed downlighting is the unobtrusive way it performs. ... Nothing intrudes into the ceiling space to interfere with the architectural environment and divert the viewer’s attention. ... For many years products have been available which eliminated ceiling flanges, but the... Add to My Library
Flush Mount Trims for Squares and Rectangles
Mfg: Kurt Versen Company Published: 2007 Version: Brochure 4 pages
Appearance ... Kurt Versen has reinvented the trimless look with a new flush mount option on its square and rectangular downlights. ... Eliminating over-lapping flanges provides a clean, uncluttered appearance to gypsum board or full plaster ceilings. ... The flush mount option is available on 4"... Add to My Library
LED Product Offering
Mfg: Kurt Versen Company Published: 2014 Version: KV2014 4 pages
Kurt Versen’s revolutionary sustainable platform approach to architectural LED recessed lighting responds to the ever changing LED, while providing viable illumination options well into the future. ... Products are designed to be MultiSource,®provided with plug and play connectors allowing for fi... Add to My Library