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Instrument Transformers Buyers Guide
Mfg: Kuhlman Electric Corp Published: 1997 Version: March 126 pages
All pages except the following carry a revision date of March 1997. ... Unit clears bushing skirts, bushing flange, and power factor test tap with ease (allowing plenty of room to connect test tap). ... Unit physically fits over bushing without interfering with (1) the CT of the adjacent phase or... Add to My Library
Transformers Condensed Catalog
Mfg: Kuhlman Electric Corp Published: 2000 Version: CAGCON0500 32 pages
For more detailed information on products listed, please use the self addressed post card found in the back of this catalog. ... Kuhlman has been a designer and manufacturer of distribution and power transformers for utilities and other users of electric energy since 1894. ... Kuhlman has expande... Add to My Library