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Digital Voltmeters & Phasers
Mfg: Hd Electric Published: 2007 Version: DVM80-200a 140 pages
Recharging takes place overnight or in the line truck during lunch. ... Back in the field, testing of the insulators on your 69kV line is underway. ... As long as you're stopping at each pole, you decide to test the insulators on all three phases. ... In about two weeks, with some overtime thrown... Add to My Library
Electrical Power Products
Mfg: Hd Electric Published: 2002 Version: OVB-2000 82 pages
"lights out" is reported from A blown cutout fuse is hanging from several homes on a warm one phase of a three-phase switched over summer afternoon. ... The head capacitor bank. ... The unbalanced ca trouble crew finds that all the houses are served by a nearby manufacturing facility. ... The tro... Add to My Library
Innovative Products and Solutions
Mfg: Hd Electric Published: 2011 Version: SFC-11b 52 pages
Please ta ke a moment to review this Short Form Product Catalog with c:n invitation to learn more about the products by visiting us at HDElectricCompany.com. HD:E also publishes an expanded catalog in bi1der format that is available upon request. ... our fleet of mobile demonstrators continuously... Add to My Library
Short Form Product Catalog
Mfg: Hd Electric Published: 2006 Version: SFC-06a 48 pages
HD Electric Company strives to provide continuous improvement and innovation in the areas of electrical testing, measuring, recording and controlling of electric power and associated equipment. ... Additionally HD's electrical safety products and utility lighting help keep industry personnel safe... Add to My Library
Electronic Capacitor Controls
Mfg: Hd Electric Published: 2005 Version: NMC-2000a 8 pages
1000 Capacitor Controls monitor and control capacitor banks based on combinations of time of day, ambient air temperature and system voltage (RMS). ... All controls have an electronic clock with perpetual calendar for leap years, holidays and daylight savings time. ... A 10 year replaceable batte... Add to My Library