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Centrifugal Ceiling and Cabinet Exhaust Fans
Mfg: Greenheck Published: 2010 Version: SP CSP Rev 7 January 24 pages
Great things come in small packages, as do our ceiling fan SP models and cabinet fan CSP models. ... Be assured when you buy any Greenheck product, you are getting a quality product at a competitive price. ... In fact, we guarantee our ceiling and cabinet exhaust fans with a three-year warranty. Add to My Library
Centrifugal Cabinet Fans Model BCF
Mfg: Greenheck Published: 2007 Version: BCF Rev 2 May 16 pages
Greenheck belt drive low-profile cabinet fans, Model BCF, are designed for efficiency and reliability in supply, exhaust or ducted return applications. ... Featuring a compact, rectangular cabinet design, they mount easily in standard duct passages. ... Horizontal mounting with either top horizon... Add to My Library
Backdraft & Pressure Relief Dampers
Mfg: Greenheck Published: 2008 Version: Rev 1 May 2008 12 pages
Greenheck Difference ... Greenheck dampers bring the same quality engineering and manufacturing that has earned Greenheck its position as an industry leader. ... Aggressive research and development keeps Greenheck a major player in the damper and louver industry. ... AMCA licensed dampers and lou... Add to My Library
Centrifugal Cabinet Fans Model BDF
Mfg: Greenheck Published: 2007 Version: BDF Rev 4 July 12 pages
Model BDF is carefully engineered for efficiency and reliability in supply, exhaust, and return air applications. ... The BDF is designed specifically for low sound levels in ducted applications. ... Performance ranges from 400 to 17,000 cfm (680 to 28,883 m3/h) with static pressure up to 3.0 in. Add to My Library
Airflow Control Options
Mfg: Greenheck Published: 2004 Version: MUA-TSU 80/20 & W SP Rev. 2 8 pages
A damper with a modulating actuator is controlled by output from a photohelic gauge that compares the indoor and outdoor air pressures. ... As exhaust air volumes vary, the outside air volumes are adjusted to maintain the desired building pressure. ... A slight positive pressure is a normal setting. Add to My Library
Air Flow Measuring Control Damper
Mfg: Greenheck Published: 2006 Version: IAQ Rev 1 April 6 pages
Airflow measurement accuracy is dependent on the density of the air being measured and in turn air density is a function of temperature. ... The IAQ-42 monitors the dry-bulb temperature of the air passing through it and corrects the air density used to calculate the airflow rate. ... Airflow meas... Add to My Library
Architectural Grilles
Mfg: Greenheck Published: 2007 Version: Rev 1 April 2007 SP 4 pages
Greenheck’s Architectural Grilles are built to meet your design requirements. ... Choose from one of our ten standard designs or work with Greenheck engineers to create a custom design to meet your project needs. ... The architectural grilles can function as sight and solar screens or as detailed... Add to My Library
Bubble-Tight Damper
Mfg: Greenheck Published: 2008 Version: HBTR-451 Rev ! 4 pages
The HBTR-451 is a bubble-tight damper that is designed for isolation applications. ... Bubble-tight means the damper has the lowest possible leakage rating: zero. ... The silicone blade seal and double gland axle seals provide bubble-tight performance up to 30 in. ... wg (7.5 kPa) differential pr... Add to My Library