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Products and Solutions for your Applications
Mfg: Chromalox Published: 2003 Version: P00956-25 925 pages
Application at High Watt Densities - ... Type CIR cartridge heaters are designed and manufactured to provide watt density capabilities second to none. ... To obtain best life at the highest watt densities allowed per Curve ... G-235 in the Application Guidelines, close attention to application de... Add to My Library
Heaters Controls and Systems
Mfg: Chromalox Published: 2002 Version: P00956-23 894 pages
.......................................... ... This temperature shall not exceed the ignition temperature of the gas or vapor to be encountered. ... All standard models 165'C (329'F) T3B ... Manual reset quick acting linear type thermal cutout. ... Immersion heater assembly with seamless copper s... Add to My Library
Precision Heat and Control
Mfg: Chromalox Published: 2000 Version: P00956-17 828 pages
For more than 80 years, Chromalox* has sustained its world-class leadership as a manufacturer of electric heating prod ucts and controls. ... It all began in 1915 when an electrical engineer named Edwin L. Wiegand invented and patented the very first metal sheathed electric heater. ... Ideal for ... Add to My Library
Chromalox Electric Heating Products
Mfg: Chromalox Published: 1990 Version: P-120 PP-XO 660 pages
Chromalox has always been the leading brand for dependable electric heating elements, tem perature controls and systems. ... Chromalox reputation for quality and customer service: D The broadest product line in the industry providing the cor rect solution to any customer ap plication problem. ...... Add to My Library
Cold Weather Products
Mfg: Chromalox Published: 2006 Version: CWPC-2006 228 pages
Type LUH self-contained heater provides quiet, reliable fan-forced heating in all types of commercial and industrial applications. ... Fan Motor - Totally enclosed fan motor is rated for continuous duty with built-in thermal cutout and operates on same voltage as the heating circuit. ... Blade pi... Add to My Library
Cold Weather Products
Mfg: Chromalox Published: 2010 Version: CWPC--2010 226 pages
Blade pitch is carefully selected so that the volume of air moved results in the optimum discharge air temperature. ... Mounting Confi gurations — Recessed welded fasteners on top of the heater cabinet are internally threaded for suspension of unit with threaded rods. ... The swivel mounting allow... Add to My Library
Cold Weather Applications
Mfg: Chromalox Published: 2003 Version: CWPC-2003 141 pages
Comfort Heaters ... Forced Air Heaters ... Cold Weather Products ... Harsh Environment ... Convection Heaters ... Special Purpose ... Radiant Heaters ... Table of Contents ... Horizontal Blower Heater ... High Capacity Horizontal Blower Heater ... Vertical Delivery Blower Heater ... Hose Down Cor... Add to My Library
Comfort Heating Sizing Guide
Mfg: Chromalox Published: 2006 Version: PF501-1 32 pages
Comfort Heating Sizing Guide ... The facts and the recommendations made in this publication are based on our own research and the research of others and are believed to be accurate. ... We cannot anticipate all conditions under which this information and our products or the products of other manu... Add to My Library
MicroTherm Circulating Water Temperature Controller
Mfg: Chromalox Published: 2006 Version: 99-036 PQ 130-3 6 pages
The answer to your circulating water temperature control challenges. ... Chromalox, a world leader in control technology ... For over 90 years, Chromalox has been providing industrial electric heating solutions to users worldwide. ... Today, Chromalox combines those decades of experience with the... Add to My Library