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General Catalog
Mfg: B-K Lighting Inc. Published: 2013 Version: 2013 Catalog 128 pages
Lite Star™ is the finest and most versatile landscape lighting instrument ever de-signed. ... The compact size of the Lite Star, along with the wide choice of finishes, lamps, optical and mounting accessories, allows it to perform a multitude of light-ing tasks with a minimum of visual fixture im... Add to My Library
Solid State Lighting
Mfg: B-K Lighting Inc. Published: 2013 Version: BKSSL 120 pages
B-K Lighting is working hard to preserve our planet while enhancing our visual environment. ... Almost thirty years ago, we made it our mission to offer high quality, innovative products in a manner consistent with this sustainable business philosophy. ... While our fixtures are designed for long l... Add to My Library
Precision 2 IP 68 Rated In Grade Lighting
Mfg: B-K Lighting Inc. Published: 2013 Version: BK6.12 100 pages
Sealing the metal is the most important step in preventing corrosion, more critical than the powder coat finish itself. ... How many times have you experienced a problem with an in-grade light fixture? ... We’ve all seen them — expensive products that turn into terrariums after less than a year i... Add to My Library
Universal Power Module
Mfg: B-K Lighting Inc. Published: 2009 Version: 2/09 76 pages
Choose from offset or center fixture mounting positions. ... Each features ‘aim-and-lock’ technology which allow for toolless vertical and rotational aiming, while maintaining a water-tight wireway. ... allows UPM’s cover to suspend from the housing, eliminating the need for that “third hand” dur... Add to My Library
BK Precision Test Intruments
Mfg: B-K Lighting Inc. Published: 1993 Version: BK-93 64 pages
It's cover boldly links our past heritage to a vision of the future yet to come. ... That's a big expense for us, and it's only part of our commitment to your total satisfaction. ... Our commitment to your satisfaction is also reflected by our liberal product warranties, replacement parts availab... Add to My Library
Tenaya 2 IP 68 Rated In Grade Lighting
Mfg: B-K Lighting Inc. Published: 2013 Version: TY2 60 pages
Chief Tenaya’s dream was to exist in harmony with his surroundings. ... Like its namesake, our Tenaya2® in-grade luminaire is a dream come true — offering easy installation and innovative features — in a design so powerful it extends the state of the art for decades of reliable performance in vir... Add to My Library
Arti Star
Mfg: B-K Lighting Inc. Published: 2013 Version: BK610 48 pages
All hardware is stainless steel to ensure years of reliable service in the harshest of outdoor conditions. ... The knuckle is made from two machined elements which create an internal taper lock. ... This eliminates the need for the serrations found on most knuckle systems, which allow only increm... Add to My Library