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Industrial Encoders and Tachometers
Mfg: Avtron Published: Version: Bulletin 453 Rev. E 16 pages
Avtron encoders can be mounted several different ways. ... The standard mounting methods include: Avtron Manufacturing, Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of industrial encoders (also known as rotary pulse generators or digital tachometers). ... We have been proudly manufacturing rugg... Add to My Library
Encoders and Tachometers
Mfg: Avtron Published: Version: 453 Rev M 16 pages
Most Avtron enc oders have an integral shaft grounding brush available as an option. ... Avtron has been the most successful supplier of rugged feed-back solutions for over 40 years. ... You can count on Avtron for reliable products that will handle a wide variety of jobs. ... Rotasyn also has ul... Add to My Library
Load Banks 60 Hertz Buyers Guide
Mfg: Avtron Published: Version: 296 Rev F 8 pages
Loadbank,Inc. ... Since 1953, Avtron has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality and reliable products intended for very demanding industrial applica-tions. ... Avtron’s products include: ... Digital Control Systems Avtron is 100% committed to maintain-ing the high standards t... Add to My Library
T477W Bonding Meter
Mfg: Avtron Published: Version: 244 Rev F 2 pages
is a self-contained AC resistance meter specifically designed to test very low resistance electrical bonds. ... Ideal for aircraft system bonding testing. ... The unit is contained in a protective carrying case complete with the C22161 pistol grip probe set, battery charger, and operator’s manual. Add to My Library
Thin-Line M56-M56S Magnetic Modular Encoder
Mfg: Avtron Published: Version: 464 Rev B 2 pages
modular magnetic encoders (also known as digital tachometers and pulse genera-tors) fit standard 4.5" C-Face motors; the M56S, made of stainless steel, is specially made for washdown, food, and marine applications. ... Other THIN-LINE models, ranging from 115mm to 8.5", are available to fit other... Add to My Library