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Lighting Solutions
Mfg: Auroralight Inc Published: 2009 Version: Jul 09 Catalog 81 pages
It allows you to put the lumin3ires where you need them without the clutter of redundant hardware. ... The EX3 3" extension is a fixed length adapter that is so useful in the landscape you will wonder how you got along without it. ... The 112" mount allows the installer to retro-fit anyone of our... Add to My Library
Spec Guide
Mfg: Auroralight Inc Published: 2010 Version: Volume VIII 74 pages
USA at our factory in Carlsbad California, we have total control over the whole process. ... From engineering and prototyping to testing and production, Auroralight delivers on time with quality control un-equaled in the industry. ... Each estate quality fixture is born of an exacting commitment t... Add to My Library