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Product Guide Edition 2
Mfg: American Electric Published: 2004 Version: 1315.17 AEL6002 294 pages
AEL is a company on the move in the pubic infrastructure market, with products that have been successful for over 50 years in roadway, security, area, flood and decorative lighting. ... Also, a selection guide has been added to the DTL pages to help you choose the best photocontrols for your appl... Add to My Library
Lighting Equipment
Mfg: American Electric Published: 2000 Version: UT-AEL-CAT 288 pages
From the transmission lines that crisscross North America to local area networks, our products help facilitate the flow of power and data w herever they are used. ... This philosophy has helped Thomas & Betts maintain the position of the" product of choice" in every market it serves. ... Today, c... Add to My Library
Product Guide
Mfg: American Electric Published: 2008 Version: Edition 3 AEL-1315.17 252 pages
In response to the increased demand for products that reduce light pollution, Acuity Brands Lighting established the “Nighttime Friendly” designation to recognize products across our brands that minimize light pollution. ... Our products are marketed through a combination of sales agents and a de... Add to My Library
Holophane H Scapes Outdoor Lighting
Mfg: American Electric Published: 2006 Version: HL-2161 108 pages
Industrial facilities — providing jobs, goods, and services for a strong economy ... All of the above applications are inter-connected to provide goods and services to supply a national economy, as a result, none can function alone, while being dependent upon the other. ... For more than 100 year... Add to My Library
American Electric Hazlux
Mfg: American Electric Published: 1991 Version: Cat. No. H-7036 100 pages
HAllU X 3 fi xtures are listed by UL. ... Tt-ll s feature offers you the assurance o f recelvmg a fi xture that has been tested and listed by a third part y testing facility ... when fixture is off and glass has been aI/owed to cool. ... Tempered glass globes and refractors have belter thermal sh... Add to My Library
Holophane Outdoor Product Catalog
Mfg: American Electric Published: 2009 Version: HL-2151 64 pages
All of these are ingredients for lighting products that stand the test of time. ... Behind this is the design of the product, the underlying function that requires the insight of designers and engineers to make the best practical determinations before the product is actually utilized; ultimately,... Add to My Library
Holophane Indoor Lighting Designer Series
Mfg: American Electric Published: 2006 Version: HL-2142 60 pages
Architects and engineers have been practicing the art of zonal cavity lighting for decades. ... Holophane has simplified that process with the concept of area lighting. ... There's never before been a series of products which offer such a complete palette of lighting choices to address area light... Add to My Library
Heritage Collection
Mfg: American Electric Published: 2004 Version: 1315.25 20 pages
American Electric Lighting continues to make strides to be the best provider of outdoor lighting. ... TM ... Collection , which includes some of our classic designs coupled with new elegance in architectural outdoor lighting, is an example of that commitment. ... With an array of fixtures, poles,... Add to My Library
Holophane Outdoor Luminaire Controls
Mfg: American Electric Published: 2013 Version: HL-2508 20 pages
Holophane has a rich history and tradition of providing unparalleled lighting systems for public lighting applications. ... While one of the key characteristics of Holophane luminaires has been our glass refl ector/refractor - every luminaire we offer is also made for longevity and performance. ..... Add to My Library
Autobahn Series LED Roadway
Mfg: American Electric Published: 2013 Version: AEL-1007 12 pages
The Autobahn LED uses breakthrough LEDs and precision-engineered optics to provide exceptional illumination while also saving energy. ... Plus, it works seamlessly with the Acuity Brands ROAM® system to maximize energy and maintenance savings through enhanced monitoring and control functions ... ... Add to My Library
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