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Product and Application Guide
Mfg: STI Published: 2003 Version: Division 7/ 07840 Sixth Edition 672 pages
Our management has over 25 years experience work ing hand in hand with the con struction industry t o create sim ple solutions to complex firestopping problems. ... Highly-trained applications engineers provide you with the right answers. ... Aut o bonding: allows repairs and modifications. ... A... Add to My Library
Automation Products
Mfg: STI Published: 2005 Version: 99787-0010 Rev A 182 pages
After introducing its first infrared solid-state proximity photoelectric control more than 28 years ago, Scientific Technologies Inc. has grown to be a leading supplier of automation sensors in the United States and is recognized throughout the world for its superior products and services. ... ST... Add to My Library
Firestopping Electrical and Datacom Product and Application Guide
Mfg: STI Published: 2004 Version: ZSTI3117A 140 pages
Polymer jacketed cables found in datacom applications are considered t o be combustible. ... Intumescent firestop technology (expands with heat) is required t o compensate for the loss of mass when jackets burn away. ... Sealant systems installed In and around cables are generally considered a pe... Add to My Library
FireStop Solutions
Mfg: STI Published: 2010 Version: Zsti3401 Rev 2010 24 pages
(STI) is an industry leader solely committed to the de-velopment of innovative and reliable firestop solutions to stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gasses. ... For over 20 years, STI has worked hand-in-hand with the construction industry to create modern firestop solutions for all types of... Add to My Library
Firestopping Products and Solutions
Mfg: STI Published: 2013 Version: ZSTI3113 - 0843 24 pages
(STQ Is en Industry /esder solely committed to the development of innovative, reliable firastopplng sc/ulions that help stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes. ... For over 25 years, our management tesm has worlced hand In hand with the construction Industry to Cf88te ... Innovative fires... Add to My Library
Firestop Products for Construction Joints
Mfg: STI Published: 2004 Version: ZSTI3129 20 pages
Virtually all linear openings in buildings are referred to as joints. ... Although joints are found in many areas of construction, clearly they are not all alike. ... Additionally, test methods, test apparatus, and codes can confuse even experienced specifiers, installers, or inspectors. ... As a... Add to My Library
Firestopping Solutions for Data Communications
Mfg: STI Published: 2013 Version: ZSTI3116 Rev 01/2013 16 pages
The only zero maintenance fire-rated cabling solution: Nothing to remove, reinstall or retighten. ... Building, Electrical, and Safety Codes have specific provisions for protection of penetrations and openings in fire-rated construction to keep fire, smoke, and superheated gasses from spreading u... Add to My Library
EZ Path Fire Rated Pathway
Mfg: STI Published: 2011 Version: ZSTI3154 Rev 02/2011 12 pages
Retrofittable: Split pathways and mounting hardware for use with previously installed cables. ... Can be extended for thicker walls, and ganged for increased capacity. ... Complete Floor Solutions: From a handful of cables to a complete vertical backbone application. ... Add Cables Easily: No uns... Add to My Library
eBMP Firestop Solutions
Mfg: STI Published: 2012 Version: ZSTI3396 Rev 2012 8 pages
In addition, eBMP also provides the management tools for inspection, repair ... Have Type 1 violations been found in your facility dur-ing your last inspection from the Joint Commission, Center For Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) DNV, State Fire Marshal or Local Building Officials? ... These vio... Add to My Library
Firestopping Life Safety Solutions
Mfg: STI Published: 2011 Version: ZSTI3397 8 pages
(STI) offers firestop products designed to protect your building from fire and smoke spread in the event of a fire. ... They are also acoustically tested and are used to prevent the spread of harmful toxic fumes and gases. ... The SpecSeal® and EZ-Path® product lines are engineered to deliver out... Add to My Library