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Selecta Master Catalog
Mfg: Selecta Published: 1992 Version: No. L-SSMC/SS/SRH/55M 420 pages
Complete part numbers allow for easy ordering. ... If a question arises about any of our product lines our courteous inside sales staff is here to assist you. ... In addition to our fine line of Selecta products we also feature quality products made by the following manufacturers. ... In addition... Add to My Library
Fasteners Plus Catalog
Mfg: Selecta Published: 2013 Version: Oct 132 pages
All brands & products are fully combinable for our $50 minimum order and $700 order for free freight requirement. ... You have access to all brand name products on orders of any volume to meet the needs of your OEM and MRO customers. ... The colored circles above, represent the colors of the lid ... Add to My Library
Catalog No L-SSCAT Issue 4
Mfg: Selecta Published: 2000 Version: L-SSCAT Issue 4 130 pages
This catalog rep resents the fastest moving products. ... Call for availability of additional items. ... At'Sele<:.ta Switch, we have focused on eaming your trust for over 23 years. ... thousands of distributors rely on us to deliver quality producu at reasonable prices, on time every day. ... We... Add to My Library
Counter Sales Products
Mfg: Selecta Published: 2003 Version: Issue 1 L-SP 92 pages
! ... Sometimes referred to as concrete stud anchor ... Assemble nut & washer onto anchor until anchor threads are just ... below top 01 nut and insert Into drilled hole ... Orive anchor into hole until washer is flush with surface ... All quotations and bids 01 $electa Products, Incorporated, an... Add to My Library
Acorn Fasteners Product Selection Guide
Mfg: Selecta Published: 2007 Version: CCAT7-Aug 07 73 pages
A hardened circular washer with twisted prongs or "teeth" which extend out from the outer edge of the washer. ... Applications/ This is the most preferable of all tooth-lock washers. ... greatest locking efficiency since the teeth are on the largest radius and provide greater torsional resistance. Add to My Library
Switch Catalog
Mfg: Selecta Published: 2011 Version: Feb 20 pages
Your customers can get “hands on” with the product without destroying the package. ... Poly bags fit on the gondola as well as our wall / counter display units. ... All specifications and dimensions are for reference only. ... If specific information is needed and/or of critical nature, contact Sel... Add to My Library
Indicator Light Catalog
Mfg: Selecta Published: 2012 Version: Oct 16 pages
All brands & products are fully combinable for our $50 minimum order and $700 order for free freight requirement. ... Tehachapi, California locations, reaches our distributors across the country in 2 days or less transit time. ... Selecta is proud to be a Vendor/Supplier Member of these great org... Add to My Library