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Tools Solutions
Mfg: Paladin Tools Published: 2005 Version: Cat 05 124 pages
1. Strip 1 or 2 inches of the outer jacket off the cable. ... Do NOT strip the insulation off the inner wires. ... Be sure you do not score the insulation on the inner wires when stripping off the outer jacket. ... 2. Untwist the paired wires. ... 3. Configure the wire scheme by the color code fo... Add to My Library
Catalog 01
Mfg: Paladin Tools Published: Version: Cat. 01 124 pages
Our commitment to the highest standard of quality and value is represented on every page. ... Our goal is to offer a complete solution which helps you get the job done right the first time, every time. ... We want you to feel the same sense of pride in our tools that we do - a feeling that can on... Add to My Library
CripAll Series
Mfg: Paladin Tools Published: 2007 Version: P/N CAT 07 116 pages
Our commitment to the highest standards of quality, service and dependability has made us successful over the years. ... Paladin is an engineering company and we are proud of the innovations we have introduced to the marketplace over the past three decades. ... Our professional tools are designed... Add to My Library
Solutions - Twisted Pair Cable
Mfg: Paladin Tools Published: Version: 34 pages
he Paladin Tools product line to install and maintain structured cabling has always been core to our business and we hope to yours. ... We now proudly introduce the ultimate solution that will compliment and complete any tool bag for premises wiring - the PowerPlay™ family of premium multi-tools ... Add to My Library
Solutions - Coaxial Cable
Mfg: Paladin Tools Published: Version: Solutions 22 pages
he use of coaxial cable continues to be more and more prolific in homes today with digital cable and satellite, CCTV for security, cable modem for data communication, and the quickly growing popularity of the home theater. ... To meet these demands, builders are wiring homes with multi-port outle... Add to My Library
Mfg: Paladin Tools Published: 2005 Version: Cat05 18 pages
he number one cables installed today are still industrial control cables with RS-232 connectors and solid copper conductor electrical cables. ... Paladin Tools remains at the forefront of this technology and continues to improve upon our original designs. ... The stripax® stripper and cutter was ... Add to My Library
Mfg: Paladin Tools Published: 2007 Version: PI00034 16 pages
This tool does it all for you! ... It’s a complete tool kit that fits in your palm. ... The premium engineering delivers smooth operation — you’ll immediately feel the difference....from start to finish. ... is beyond ordinary! ... PowerPlay is the only tool designed just for datacomm, telecom an... Add to My Library
DataShark Tools.Testers.Connectors.Accessories
Mfg: Paladin Tools Published: 2008 Version: PI00044 12 pages
Wire your home and make connections like a pro! ... The DataShark line of tools, testers and connectors provides everything you need to tackle wiring projects like moving TV outlets, upgrading computer wall jacks or building custom-length computer and video cables. ... The best part is that it is... Add to My Library