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Electrical Catalog
Mfg: Amprobe Published: 2004 Version: 01/04 148 pages
Amprobe's full-featured Three-Phase Power Quality Recorders provide the essential functions and capabilities required to operate accurately and effectively in today's demanding electrical environments. ... Flexible head fits all small conductors and large bus-bars up to 7" in diameter ... Recomme... Add to My Library
Meters Professionals Use
Mfg: Amprobe Published: 2006 Version: ATP-MER-3 140 pages
Our products make those systems secure for users and their equipment. ... We strive to produce & develop products that will help to preserve & provide a clean environment for you and your children. ... The device incorporates full set of measuring features crucial for complete Power Quality analy... Add to My Library
Amprobe Product Catalog
Mfg: Amprobe Published: 1998 Version: AC98 116 pages
Extendo-type test leads with replaceable probe tips ... All models are aver age sensing, RMS calibrated in the continuous mode. ... Models ACD-8A & 9Aare peak sensing RMS calibrated when switched to the peak mode. ... High and low ranges can be changed by momentarily pressing the red but ton on t... Add to My Library
Best Tools Catalog
Mfg: Amprobe Published: 2013 Version: 2765603H 84 pages
Overmold body to absorb shock - drop-pr oof to fou r feet ... Tr ue-rms provides accu racy and dependa bility ... With thinner jaw s than sta ndar d clamp mul time ters (o nly 0.4"/10 mm thi ck), the ACD-10 PLUS, ACD-10 TRMS-PLUS, AC D-14 PLUS, and ACD-14 TR MS PLUS al low access to tight measur ... Add to My Library
Amprobe Test Tools Catalog
Mfg: Amprobe Published: 2009 Version: 2765603F NP-EN 84 pages
If you're a contractor, you can expand your business with our new solar suite for solar power installations, (page 8). ... With the patented design of our new Swivel Clamp Meters, you can see the reading even in tight or inconvenient spots. ... The CAT III 600V safety rating and temperature measu... Add to My Library
Test Tools Europe
Mfg: Amprobe Published: 2011 Version: 11816-eng rev 01 68 pages
Amprobe® Test Tools offers a wide range of devices for testing and measuring electrical properties in various field applications. ... Amprobe® name has become synonymous with clamp-on meters, to the point where it is commonly used as a generic term for such. ... Yet the brand has expanded its pro... Add to My Library
Test Tools Catalog
Mfg: Amprobe Published: 2008 Version: # 2765603 NP-EN Rev E 64 pages
Throughout the past 50 plus years, Amprobe* has become the leader in providing clamp-on meters. ... The brand has expanded its product offering to now over 250 items and has become an established leader in quality test equip ment for professionals in the electrical, maintenance, construction, and... Add to My Library
Product Catalog Volume 1
Mfg: Amprobe Published: 2015 Version: Volume 1 60 pages
56 Amprobe is committed to delivering the highest quality test and measurement products and provides a 1 year warranty with most products. ... The length of the product warranty is stated in the user’s manual that comes with each product, which can be downloaded from www.Amprobe.com. ... For prod... Add to My Library
AmprobeTest Equipment
Mfg: Amprobe Published: 1992 Version: AAD-38 6/92 52 pages
Measure motor starting currents and voltage increases lasting 1/6 second or longer. ... All the above listed models have a 25-ohm midscale ohmmeter. ... Model RS-7 is a rotary scale clamp-on that measures amps, volts and ohms. ... It has all the famous features of AMPROBE RS instruments plus a re... Add to My Library