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Cable Tray Systems
Mfg: MP Husky Published: 2009 Version: Rev April 16 247 pages
Cable Tray systems provide rigid structural support for cables in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. ... Trough has a corrugated solid or ventilated bottom, 4” rung spacing or flat bottom pan design which is contained within longitudinal side members. ... Although there are nume... Add to My Library
Fiberglass Cable Tray
Mfg: MP Husky Published: 2009 Version: Rev April 17 52 pages
For more than 30 years, MPHusky’s Fiberglass Cable Tray systems have been tested and proven in the harsh environment of the offshore oil and gas industry. ... Our tray has stood up to the test of being exposed to the corrosive conditions inherent in petroleum products, plus the daily punishment o... Add to My Library
Cable Bus
Mfg: MP Husky Published: 2010 Version: Rev April 22 32 pages
With more systems installed in more industries and environments than any other manufacturer, you can rest assured MP Husky has the experience and capability to meet your most demanding requirements. ... Our system does not interleave or transpose cables in the bus housing, this means it costs les... Add to My Library
Mfg: MP Husky Published: 2009 Version: September 23 pages
Throughout these changes one thing has remained constant—the “Husky” drive to be the most reliable, highest quality, cost effective and innovative manufacturer of Cable Support Systems and Cable Bus ... Power Distribution Systems. ... We have an unsurpassed commitment to customer satisfaction and... Add to My Library
Fiberglass Cable Tray
Mfg: MP Husky Published: 1997 Version: MPHusky 20 pages
MPHusky ladder-type fiberglass cable tray provides reliable cable support in corrosive applications. ... Both polyester and vinyl ester resin systems are available and all components incorporate U.V inhibitors and a surfacing veil to resist corrosive elements. ... From paper mills to refineries t... Add to My Library
Cable Tray
Mfg: MP Husky Published: Version: Catalog 19 pages
MPHusky was founded in 1955 and originally began operations as Husky Products. ... Over the following 50+ years of leadership and service, MPHusky has gone through several transformations and mergers, including Husky/ Burndy and Metal Products, thus leading to what is today MPHusky—America’s lead... Add to My Library
Mfg: MP Husky Published: 2009 Version: Rev April 15 16 pages
Material: The spine and the rungs are manufactured from 6063-T6 high strength aluminum. ... The rungs is 1/2” wide and 1/2” high. ... Construction: The spine is punched on top or bottom to accept the insertion of rungs. ... The rungs are inserted through the spine and fastened by a four point hig... Add to My Library
Cable Tray Complete Cable Support Solutions
Mfg: MP Husky Published: 1996 Version: MPHusky 12 pages
consisting of a one-piece, ventilated or sol id bottom channel section, designed for use w ith a ingle power cable or multiple control or signal ci rcuit cables. ... QGIPIIIISI(1' ... MPHusky has been the leading manufacturer of cable tray systems for many years. ... We have consistently supplied... Add to My Library