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Products for  Utility Industry
Mfg: Joslyn Clark Published: 1996 Version: 1996 Catalog 378 pages
Since our founding in 1902, the same basic business principles and values continue to direct Joslyn in our commitment to the Power and Telecommunications Industries. ... Our endeavor to be a vital part of America's growth is made with genuine dedication to our customers and the industries we serve. Add to My Library
Mfg: Joslyn Clark Published: Version: No 230 267 pages
Oral quotations are invitations for the purchaser to submit an order per the quotation. ... Joslyn Clark Controls, Inc. publications are maintained as sources of general information and are not quotations or oHers to sell. ... For special routing or handling requested, additional transportation c... Add to My Library
Controls Catalog
Mfg: Joslyn Clark Published: 2000 Version: No. 230 230 pages
Discount Schedule JC11 ... A4 ... Use complete catalog number when ordering. ... Replace the (*) with the suffix from the coil table. ... Order Heaters at $18.00 each from page A35. ... For 250V dc contact 21/22 is ... Late Break N/C in series with 'm' late break ... Use complete catalog number w... Add to My Library
Handbook of Anchoring
Mfg: Joslyn Clark Published: 1993 Version: Power Hub 10/93 94 pages
Screw Anchor Systems in both the laboratory and in the field to assure continuity of previously published performance data herein. ... The patented1 Joslyn Cam Action® penetrator power hub screw anchor system offers a versatile and cost effective power-driven screw anchor for application through ... Add to My Library
Total Protection Solutions
Mfg: Joslyn Clark Published: 2005 Version: 4-500-2.08.05 71 pages
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