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Firestop Systems Guide For Specifiers 2007 Edition
Mfg: Hilti Published: 2007 Version: H181.3427488.0707 518 pages
Hilti Professional Integrated Software has been developed to aid in the selection, specification and submittal of tested and approved Hilti firestop systems that meet today's tough building codes. ... Their professional expertise in installing the appropriate Hilti firestop system can provide sig... Add to My Library
Anchor Technology and Design
Mfg: Hilti Published: 2011 Version: 22011 319 pages
As it is our ambition to be the worldwide leader in fastening technology we are constantly striving to provide you with state-of-the-art technical information reflecting the latest developments in regulations, codes and approvals. ... This Fastening Technology Manual on the one side reflects our ... Add to My Library
Solutions for Metal Fabricators
Mfg: Hilti Published: 2009 Version: W3741 1109 48 pages
In motor sports it’s often said that the race is won or lost at the pit stops. ... That’s why Hilti offers a range of perfectly matched high-performance tools, accessories and unique services that meet all of your needs. ... With Hilti Fleet Management and our comprehensive support you can be sur... Add to My Library
Drilling and Chiselling Systems
Mfg: Hilti Published: 2013 Version: 8228 8118 46 pages
Ready to use in no time - very fast initial charge to 75% capacity ... No self-discharge - batteries don't lose their charge during storage and are ready to use at any time ... The Hilti Lithium CPC system monitors each cell electronically, which is essential for long battery life. ... Hilti Lith... Add to My Library
Solutions for Railway and Metro
Mfg: Hilti Published: 2013 Version: 20130416 16 pages
to avoid injury ... The excavation lateral support is a supporting system to provide lateral restraint against earth pressure during excavation for the construction of underground structures. ... Anchor bolts are usually used to fasten the steel members to the diaphragm wall. ... Reference projects Add to My Library