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Product Catalog Ventilation Solutions
Mfg: Fantech Published: 2013 Version: 483760 Edition 1 212 pages
Fantech manufactures an extensive range of ventilation products, beginning with our industry first centrifugal inline fan to a wide range of commercial fans. ... Our fans can be supplied in sizes from 4 inch diameter up to our large roof or wall mount exhaust fans with air flow up to 19,000 cfm. ..... Add to My Library
TurboFlo Fans
Mfg: Fantech Published: 2003 Version: TF-1003 68 pages
One piece spun venturi for maximum efficiency. ... 40 galvanized pipe. ... Galvanized rain channel drains water from damper area to roof. ... Adjustable pitch blades for optimum efficiency. ... Non-static oil resistant V Belts. ... Cast iron self-aligning pillow block ball bearings, pre-lubricate... Add to My Library
TurboFlo Fans
Mfg: Fantech Published: 2002 Version: TF-042002 April 68 pages
All prices will be in accor ment to the original Buyer of a product from Fantech or and are excluded unless the Fantech expressly agrees dance with applicable government regulation. ... In order to claim the benefit of this warranty, in writing to such terms. ... This con damages for failure to m... Add to My Library
JetVent Impulse Ventilation for Car Parks
Mfg: Fantech Published: 2011 Version: 2nd Edition Rev 1 44 pages
As part of our on-going program of product development and improvement, Fantech reserves the right to make changes in design or specification to products without notice or obligation and to change or discontinue models. ... No part of this catalogue may be reproduced, in any form, or by any means... Add to My Library
Air in Motion Fan Guide Book
Mfg: Fantech Published: 2001 Version: FB-0601US June 32 pages
Find the Fan that Fits ... Page by page, product by product, this Tantech Guide book offers you ventilation solutions to meet a wide variety of residential and commercial requirements. ... Wherever you need air in motion - including Kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, hospitals, schools, office b... Add to My Library
Rickard VAV Diffusers
Mfg: Fantech Published: 2012 Version: 2012 Catalog 24 pages
There is a growing need for products that help create comfortable indoor spaces while maintaining a healthy and productive working environment. ... At the same time, new government policies and the dramatic increase in energy costs have created greater demand for products and systems that utilize... Add to My Library
Ventilation Solutions Book
Mfg: Fantech Published: 2000 Version: SB-0100 January 20 pages
Whether your bathroom is basic or lavish, ask for a quiet, efficient Fantech exhaust fan. ... Do bathroom fans have to sound like a wind tunnel to get the job done? ... The truth is, noisy bathroom exhaust fans loose much of their effectiveness, simply because people don't want to use them. ... E... Add to My Library
Accessories Book
Mfg: Fantech Published: 2001 Version: AB-0901 September 12 pages
A low profile, fixed circular plastic exhaust grill. ... Included with the grill is a matching diameter galvanized mounting collar with nailing strip. ... E ... Dimensional information in inches, t Duct connections are V" smaller than duct size. ... Small-scale grill with 50 watt halogen light (M... Add to My Library
Bath Ventilation Solutions
Mfg: Fantech Published: 2006 Version: 412220 SBB0406 12 pages
Designing a Luxury Bath ... You’ve spent hours pouring over magazines to find the perfect design for your new spa-like bathroom retreat. ... You’ve chosen the perfect tile, the whirlpool tub, beautiful faucets and luxurious shower sprays. ... Premium Bath Fan or Fan with Light to protect your new... Add to My Library
Bath Ventilation Solutions
Mfg: Fantech Published: 2010 Version: 412220 12 pages
Fantech is proud to partner with Energy Star to provide energy efficient bath ventilation products for your home. ... In fact, more than two-thirds of Fantech Premium ... Fans with lights should use 70% less energy than conventional models ... and Quiet Operation! ... Don’t let the roar of a noisy... Add to My Library
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