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Liquatite Flexible Electrical Conduit
Mfg: Electri-Flex Published: 2006 Version: EFC - 12/06 36 pages
The pages that follow detail the most diverse flexible electrical conduit line in the world with respect to available sizes, types and colors. ... But Electri-Flex's real source of success has sprung from its partnership philosophy. ... It will continue to be the benchmark by which our Company wi... Add to My Library
Electri-Flex Company
Mfg: Electri-Flex Published: 2008 Version: EFC - 12/08 8 pages
Liquatite® by Electri-Flex has earned a global reputation for manufacturing innovation and product quality. ... The Corrlok System is comprised of four types of flexible corrugated nylon conduits — CL, CLR, CLL and CLFR — designed for a wide range of applications. ... They are produced by an extr... Add to My Library
Liquatite Flexible Electrical Conduit
Mfg: Electri-Flex Published: 2002 Version: AP2-11/02 4 pages
The reasons for this fact lie in our Liquatite® brand name and the quality it represents. ... The varieties of types, sizes and colors we offer our customers are unsurpassed. ... The unique products we bring to market are many. ... The competitors who match our line are none. ... FT" - SIZ ... On... Add to My Library