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Next Gen Networks Reference Guide
Mfg: ADC Published: 2009 Version: 106612AE 541 pages
This comprehensive guide provides a brief overview of the majority of ADC’s connectivity products. ... As a leading global network infrastructure provider, our vision is to provide high quality solutions that enable customers to accelerate construction and deployment of fiber optic networks. ... ... Add to My Library
Truenet Structured Cabling 4th Edition
Mfg: ADC Published: 2011 Version: 102094AE 4th Ed 479 pages
While tE Connectivity has made every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in this document, tE Connectivity does not guarantee that it is error-free, nor does tE Connectivity make any other representation, warranty or guarantee that the information is accurate, correct, rel... Add to My Library
Broadcast and Entertainment 15th Edition
Mfg: ADC Published: 2010 Version: 102117AE 218 pages
If you don’t see the specific configuration you need, contact ADC for information about custom designed products. ... The system is available in both 1 and 1.5 rack unit configurations. ... The 1 rack unit panel features a patent-pending pullout designation strip that dramatically increases space... Add to My Library
600mm Connectivity Products 2nd Edition
Mfg: ADC Published: 2003 Version: 100571 10/03 196 pages
The reality of today’s marketplace dictates that service provider networks change to remain competitive. ... Establishing a solid network foundation rooted in connectivity has already proven successful as networks transitioned from analog to digital and from copper to fiber, and as service provid... Add to My Library
TrueNet Structured Cabling
Mfg: ADC Published: 2010 Version: 400288AU 170 pages
Building upon a high-performance TrueNet infrastructure foundation, network managers and designers are assured a flexible evolution path to next-generation technologies and services. ... With thousands of patents worldwide, ADC KRONE continually invests in innovation to support emerging technolog... Add to My Library
Data Connectivity 1st Edition
Mfg: ADC Published: 2009 Version: 106620AE 123 pages
For more than 30 years, ADC has delivered world-class data center infrastructure solutions for some of the most sophisticated networks in the world. ... Central offices primarily consist of trunks and loops that are terminated and switched to connect customers and businesses to the rest of the wo... Add to My Library
DSX-3 Digital Signal  3rd Edition
Mfg: ADC Published: 2007 Version: 103866AE 8/07 94 pages
Increased demand for optimal network performance has created a greater need for reliable connectivity equipment. ... DSX equipment is used as a centralized cross-connect interface between network elements (nE), enabling nonintrusive and intrusive access for testing, patching, and circuit reconfig... Add to My Library
Data Management and Access Products
Mfg: ADC Published: 2002 Version: 517 12/02 68 pages
Uninterrupted data network communications depend upon your ability to independently and immediately restore function to a failed component or to substitute or reroute communication paths. ... Products have been designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. ... Data management and ... Add to My Library
Data Connectivity Products
Mfg: ADC Published: 2009 Version: 106612AE_4 52 pages
The CopperTen® system is the world’s first UTP structured cabling system with the necessary characteristics to enable 10Gbps Ethernet transmission over a full 100 meters. ... Typical Category 6 cabling systems are hindered by the technical combination of insertion loss and alien crosstalk (interf... Add to My Library
Truenet IP Security Cabling Solutions
Mfg: ADC Published: 2007 Version: 104957AE 40 pages
ADC’s TrueNet® IP Security Cabling System is the integrated portfolio of high-performance copper and fiber cable, connectivity, and cable management products from ADC. ... The precisely tuned TrueNet system exceeds TIA/EIA standards and provides a clear path for uninterrupted IP data and video th... Add to My Library
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