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PW Cable Tray
Mfg: Cablofil Published: 2014 Version: CAB_CAT_PW_0714 116 pages
2014 ... HARDWARE: Screws, nuts, bolts, etc. for assembling ... Also choose from fittings, accessories, fire stop systems and fasteners that will complete your installation. ... ALUMINUM CONNECTORS & FITTINGS: Necessary connectors and fasteners are supplied with all trays and fittings. Add to My Library
Compression Connectors and Tooling Systems
Mfg: Belden Published: 2014 Version: 062014 36 pages
NO screws, keys or other adjustment pieces to manage ... F connectors or F-Conn RG11 connectors (FS11V, FS11PL and ... ” head for quick tightening without having to remove the wrench from the connector Use to tighten 7/16" F-type fittings Torque inch/pounds preset at ... DS3 CONNECTOR DS4 Add to My Library
Fittings for the Electrical Industry
Mfg: Lew Electric Published: 2014 Version: Cat # 1113 32 pages
L eLeCtriC Lew Fittings Company serving the electrical industry since 1901 ... Brass replacement cover for SWB-6 series (screw plug lid) Aluminum replacement cover for SWB-6 series (screw plug lid) ... Round PVC box with (2) 3/4" hubs, (2) 1" hubs, (2) 3/4" reducers, (4) 1/2" reducers, pre- ... Add to My Library
Tool Catalog 157
Mfg: Klein Tools Published: 2014 Version: 98342.1402 354 pages
Series ... Bolts should be cut with a bolt cutter, and large cable with a cable cutter. ... Long nose for grabbing and looping wire. 6-32 and 8-32 screw shearing. Dual material Journeyman™ handles ... Wire Stripping & Crimping – Cleanly strips 12 AWG wire; crimps connectors, lugs & terminals Add to My Library
Instrument Rated Metering Equipment
Mfg: Milbank Published: 2014 Version: 5/14 48 pages
Connectors: #14 – 4 mechanical connectors provided for ease of connecting CT wires. ... 48 Connector detail ... Hubs: To order hubs as extra, refer to the hub suffix chart in the accessories section. ... with 1/2"-13 studs, washers and hex nuts and bolt with conical washer for CT mounting. Add to My Library
Meter Mounting and Distribution Equipment
Mfg: Cooper B-Line Published: 2014 Version: MTR-14 140 pages
115 - 116 Accessories Covers, Sealing Rings, AW & H-Base Hubs . ... 123 Ground Lug Kits, Triplex Ground Connectors, ... MS20 - Ring Protector MS73 - All Screw Type Ring SS - Stainless Steel ... Bussed Gutters - see page 51 AW Hubs Voltage ... Bussed Gutters - see page 51 AW Hubs Main Breaker Add to My Library
Commercial and Data Center Cable Support Systems
Mfg: Cooper B-Line Published: 2014 Version: CCMS-14 124 pages
Reduces installation time, especially when used on fittings and bends ... Use 1/4” screws to attach SUPT WASHER to your specific wall/stud application ( ... B25 = Bolt w/ 1/4”-20 Thread B38 = Bolt w/ 3/8”-16 Thread BM6 = Bolt w/ M6 Thread BM8 = Bolt w/ M8 Thread BM10 = Bolt w/ M10 Thread Leg Add to My Library
Automotive Range Spring Hose Clamp Pliers
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2014 Version: L100 02387 24 pages
zero-backlash gripping of metric or imperial hexagonal headed screws, no rounding of bolt heads for metric and imperial nuts and screws with widths across flats from ... cutting cables, stripping wire and crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals, connectors and plug type connectors Add to My Library
Cable Support Systems
Mfg: Cooper B-Line Published: 2014 Version: CTME-14 276 pages
Channel Nuts, Combo Nut Washer, Buzznut™, Closure Strips, ... within 300mm of splice and a maxjmum of 3000mm straight section in the transition between the fittings Fitting supports once on eachside rail One total support recommended per fitting with flexibility for placement and distance ... Add to My Library
Industrial Product Catalog
Mfg: Setra Systems Inc Published: 2014 Version: 331718 94 pages
Note: Order mating connectors direct from manufacturers: Mfr. ... , 100 psi, 1/8-27 NPT ext. fitting, 3-Pin Deutsch electrical connector, No Restrictor. ... Wetted Parts Electrical Conn. Enclosure ... MINI DIN Connector, Strain Relief (with drive screw & gasket) M12 Cord Set - 1 Meter (Red 1 ... Add to My Library
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