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ILME Multipole Connectors
Mfg: Mencom Published: 2012 Version: CN 12 544 pages
... connection techniques are avail able: screw, crimp or flexible spring connections. ... CNE SCREW contacts CSH - SQUICH® ... 0 Captive insert fastening screws, with anti-slack ening spring washer or under-head ... - connector on a module-constructed machine, which is opened only for transport ... Add to My Library
Supplemental Catalogue Electrical Connectors
Mfg: Ilsco Published: 2012 Version: C712 57 pages
USEI ... Expanded* Wire Range Bolt Size ... Manufactured from high strength copper Stainless steel 1/4-28 torque screw G ... Holds connector insert in place during installation ... Deep indent crimp lines for easy crimp location. ... Furnished with silicon bronze bolt, nut and lockwasher. Add to My Library
Compression Connectors and Tooling Systems
Mfg: Belden Published: 2012 Version: 09122012 25 pages
5 F-Conn™ Compression Connectors Plenum & Security (CCTV) Compression Connectors ... Screw-on tips (spade, banana, and pin) allow for quick connector format conversion ... Connector Description 50 Ohm Connector 50 Ohm BNC Connector ... Cut, Strip and Crimp, without changing tools or die sets Add to My Library
Power Connectors and Interconnection Systems
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2012 Version: 1773096 248 pages
Mini Power Drawer (MPD) AMPOWER Wave Crimp System RAPID LOCK Connectors AMP PowerTap Domino Series Connectors HTS Power Connectors ET Connector Dimensions are shown for reference purposes only. ... high conductivity alloys and used with solid screw machined pin and socket con-tacts, these ... Add to My Library
Quadrax Contacts Connectors and Cables
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2012 Version: 1654012 28 pages
... design for use in ARINC Quadrax Contacts, Connectors and Cables ARINC Size 8 Quadrax Connectors 600 plug connectors & receptacles Quadrax housing is keyed ... Electroless Nickel Plated, no clinch nuts Shell Features ... Keying Plate and Screws Crimp contacts Crimp contacts 11Q11 Insert Add to My Library
Myers Hubs
Mfg: Cooper Crouse-H Published: 2012 Version: 5057-1112 8 pages
Myers™ Hubs The broadest, most complete offering for terminating ... Through-Bulkhead Fitting Hubs are the perfect ... and positive grounding. Grounding Screw for added safety. Captive O-Ring Gasket - ... dimensions as shown will give approximately 1/8” clearance between locking nuts. Add to My Library
Electrical Installation Products
Mfg: Wago Published: 2012 Version: 51261593 28 pages
PUSHWIRE® Connectors for Junction Boxes, (solid and stranded wire), 773 Series WALL-NUTS® ... 10 pc/blister pack ... Connector Blocks Assembly of modular connectors to connector strips ... PE-N-L1-L2 for fastening screw 3 mm Ø or for self tapping screw 2.9 mm Ø from top without marking Add to My Library
Connectors and PCB Terminal Blocks Vol 2
Mfg: Wago Published: 2012 Version: 0888-6002/0200-3601 · 626 pages
- Insert the conductor ... Female connectors with locking levers, Female connectors with screw flanges, ... Page 285 Female connectors with screw flanges, 713 Series ... Female connectors with push-buttons and screw flanges, 2231 Series ... fine-stranded with crimped pin terminal (gas-tight) Add to My Library
Chance Lineman Grade Tools
Mfg: Hubbell Power Published: 2012 Version: 07-1299 297 pages
Tools & Grounding Catalog 2012 ... Company's distributor, or from an original equipment manufacturer reselling the ... Responsibility for selection of the proper product or application rests solely with ... Triple Bolt Head Wrench Bolt-Down Bracket Boom Adapter ... All Purpose Bolt-Down C Add to My Library
Upper Midwest Catalog
Mfg: Milbank Published: 2012 Version: UP-MID 112 88 pages
... "-16 hex head nuts with Belleville washers. For connector kits, order as extra K1539. "~M ... Y Connectors CU/AL Line ... Connectors: Extruded aluminum connectors are tin plated with triplex on the load side. ... Breakers: Bolt-on circuit breakers are factory installed in the U8143 and U3491 ... Add to My Library
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