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Compression Connectors and Tooling Systems
Mfg: Belden Published: 2011 Version: 07012011 44 pages
... Leader in True 360º Compression Connectors & Tooling Systems www.icmcorp.net F-Conn Compression Connectors Universal Compression Connectors . ... NO screws, keys or other adjustment pieces to manage ... the wrench from the connector Use to tighten 7/16" F-type fittings T orque inch/pounds ... Add to My Library
Legrand Ladder Tray Catalog
Mfg: Cablofil Published: 2011 Version: Cat 0211 104 pages
Hardware: Screws, nuts, bolts, etc. for assembling cable tray connectors and accessories are normally provided in ... Straight Sections Fittings 16 Covers & Connectors Accessories ... 3F67 CONNECTORS & FITTINGS: Necessary connectors and fasteners are supplied with all trays and fittings. Add to My Library
High Density Connector Series
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2011 Version: SL-402-1 16 pages
HDB3 Mother Board Connector HDB 3 I/O Conn r o t c e ... This new connector series of brush connectors incorporates a higher density contact ... Cable to board applications Crimp termination Uses wire well size 22D ... X CONNECTOR MOUNTING ... Accepts I/O Connector Jack Screw Shown with Add to My Library
Landscape Ltg Spec Guide
Mfg: Hadco Published: 2011 Version: 2011 Catalog 234 pages
... Pre-wired with a 3-ft. pigtail and a quick connector for easy hookup to the supply cable. ... Only two fasteners required to secure lens ring. ... UL Listed silicone-filled wire nuts provided–no encapsulant or conduit seal required. ... Twist-lock with single screw for ease of maintenence. Add to My Library
Pliers and Cutters General Catalog
Mfg: Knipex Published: 2011 Version: L100 02167/01/06.11/40 222 pages
KNIPEX CoBolt® Compact Bolt Cutters Bolt Cutters Concrete Mesh Cutter ... 97 99 Mounting Tool for MC3 connectors Crimping Pliers for Scotchlok connectors Crimping Pliers for Western plugs Crimping Pliers, for two-hand operation Crimping Pliers short design Crimping Pliers ”Preciforce“ P. 130 Add to My Library
Chance Tool Catalog
Mfg: Hubbell Power Published: 2011 Version: July 362 pages
1100 — ... This index lists the contents of only the Chance Tool Catalog. ... Catalog numbers without letter prefixes are in numeric sequence by the first digit, ... . 1255 Battery Cartridge, Versa-Crimp . DG Battery Charger, Versa-Crimp . ... . 3022 Bolt Head Wrench . ... . 1158 Bolt-Down . Add to My Library
EMI Filter/Transient Protection Connectors
Mfg: Amphenol Published: 2011 Version: 12-120-13 73 pages
. 65 How to Order Filter Connectors . ... metal oxide varistors (MOV’s) Filtered plug connectors Filtered hermetic connectors Filter connectors with ESD protection Combinations of filtering devices within one connector package ... It uses crimp insertable socket contacts on con-ductor wires. Add to My Library
Grounding Solutions
Mfg: Burndy Published: 2011 Version: 2011 Catalog 153 pages
Through The Grounding Superstore, we offer three types of grounding products: Mechanical grounding connectors. Our nut-and bolt design is simple to install without sacrificing performance. ... Before crimping, both connector elements can be turned on rod diameter “D” to any ... WBG Crimps 2 Add to My Library
Weatherhead Hose Assembly Master Catalog
Mfg: Eaton Published: 2011 Version: W-HYOV-MC002-E3 502 pages
Teflon® Hose Crimp Fittings Field Attachable Fittings Adapters, Tube Fittings & Connectors Accessories ... Teflon® Hose Fittings Crimp Coll-O-Crimp® ‘E’ Series Hose Fittings Coll-O-Crimp 069 ‘E’ Series Hose Fittings Coll-O-Crimp 327 ‘ ... Din Connectors Metric Connectors BSP Connectors Add to My Library
REC Catalog
Mfg: Milbank Published: 2011 Version: Rec 611 64 pages
Connectors: Extruded aluminum connectors are tin plated. ... Connectors: Stud type units supplied with 3⁄8”-16 hex head nuts with Belleville washers. ... C.P. Connectors CU/AL T ... Hubs: Supplied with two closing plates packed inside. Order hubs as a separate item. For proper hub selection ... Add to My Library
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