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Heating Elements Product Catalog
Mfg: Delta-Therm Published: 2009 Version: 0109_CO 252 pages
You'll have our ready expertise to help you with proper component selection, ... Earth Thermal Storage ... Recommended for control of ClipStrip Strapping heating systems with minimum Floor Clips and Screws power consumption. ... Glass-Coated Sensor Screw Terminals Saves Time On Installation Add to My Library
Aluminum & Copper Connectors
Mfg: Utilco Published: 2009 Version: No. 10/0209 252 pages
Padmount Transformer Connectors 1 -24 ... Iii ... May be bolted back to back for heavy duty applications ... D - Di sc Pad Screw V - Long Screw P - Inhibito r ... PTF OPTIONS: A - Anodized Screw o -Disc Pad Screw P - Inhibitor ... PT JS OPTIONS: o - Disc Pad Screw A - Anodized Screw K - Kit Add to My Library
Hadco Landscape Lighting
Mfg: Philips Published: 2009 Version: HNL0809-130 218 pages
HoUsIng – Cast aluminum with stainless steel fasteners. ... Only 2 fasteners required to secure lens ring. ... UL Listed silicone-filled wire nuts provided–no encapsulant or conduit seal required. ... – Prewired with a 3-ft. pigtail and a quick connector for easy hookup to the supply cable. Add to My Library
Allied Innovations
Mfg: Allied Innovations Published: 2009 Version: 2009 Edition 316 pages
Air Button Accessories ... Tools ... . 96-114 PVC Fittings & Accessories ... WIRE MANAGEMENT & CONNECTORS. 282-284 Wireless Remote . ... 44-45 -Plumbing Fitting Descriptions . ... . 139 PVC Fittings & Accessories ... . 208 PVC Fittings & Accessories ... . 108-111 PVC Fittings & Accessories Add to My Library
Quadrax Contacts, Connectors & Cables
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2009 Version: 1654012 28 pages
Fits into keyed connector inserts for connectors such as: ARINC 404 & 600, General ... Crimp type, screw machined, 24 AWG contacts ... Electroless Nickel Plated, no clinch nuts Chromate with six 4-40 clinch nuts Chromate, no clinch nuts Electroless Nickel Plated, with ten 4-40 clinch nuts Add to My Library
Mfg: Milbank Published: 2009 Version: REC 12-09 52 pages
M ... Order two connector kits to cover both line and load. ... CONNECTORS: Extruded aluminum connectors are tin plated with triplex on the load side. ... To order hubs as extra refer to the hub suffix chart on the accessory page. ... Hex nuts with Belleville washers are also supplied. Add to My Library
Crimp Tooling
Mfg: Tyco Electronics Published: 2009 Version: 1773379-1 / 05-09 / GATD 8 pages
User-adjustable ratchet control for a complete crimping cycle ... Over 100 interchangeable SDE die sets for crimp a broad range of connectors ... from bench to production or into the field, without the need for dies fitted to each kind of tool. PRO-CRIMPER III Hand Tool, Part No. 354940-1 Add to My Library
CopeHat Cable Tray Systems
Mfg: Allied Tube Published: 2009 Version: Catalog 4 92 pages
Adjustable Elbow ... PREFIX NUMBER (FITTINGS ONLY) – Fittings are ordered using the 3-digit prefix number given in the charts on the fitting pages. ... Sufficient connectors are supplied to assemble straight sections and fittings for each order. ... Finish Connector Bolts Bolt Plating Covers Add to My Library
Electrical Connectors and Accessories
Mfg: Ilsco Published: 2009 Version: M109 No15/1009 380 pages
For Copper and Aluminum Conductors Split Bolts Two Bolt Clamps Labor Saving Alternative Products ... E ACN 48-50 ACL 48-51 E(Screws) ELT ... Non-Insulated Forks CRIMP 'N SEAL Forks, Splices, ... llsco connectors are UL Listed and CSA Certified with ILSCO and other Manufacturers' tools.+ Add to My Library
Voice-Data-Video Tools
Mfg: Klein Tools Published: 2009 Version: 99816 12 pages
... Always wear approved eye protection. Connector Crimping Coaxial Cable Compression Crimping tools for multiple types of ... Fixed plunger accepts many common F-connector compression fittings. ... replacement screw set (pair thumb and pair Phillips) hex crimp RG59/6 coaxial cable F-connectors Add to My Library
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